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What is the default tempo in Pro Tools
120 BPM
What is the default meter in Pro Tools
Song Start is the position where Bar _ Beat _ occurs in the Bars:Beats ruler.
Bar 1 Beat 1
Song Start Marker is signified by what color and object
Red diamond
Move Song Start is under which menu
You can also access the Move Song Start function under the ______ window
Pressing which modifier in the Meter ruler creates a meter event
Change Meter is under which window
What is the default key signature of Pro Tools
C Major
Key change is under which menu
Pressing which modifier in the Key Signature ruler inserts a key signature event
The choice of diatonic vs. chromatic transposition only affects key changes between ____
Modes (major to minor or vice versa)
To delete any type of marker, key signature event, meter event, etc., ____ click on the event.
Identify Beat can be accessed under which menu
What is the quick keys for Identify Beat
Command + I
MIDI Studio can be accessed under which menu
MIDI Beat Clock can be accessed under which menu
MIDI Beat Clock is a synchronization signal that contains timing pulses based on _____
How many timing pulses per quarter note
96 I/O has __ analog inputs via 1/4-inch TRS connectors.
96i I/O has __ analog inputs via 1/4-inch TRS connectors and has more flexibility for setting ___ levels than the other HD interfaces.
8 analog inputs
Input levels
Quick to Import Session Data
All tracks can be selected in Import Session Data by using which quick key
Command + A
Alternate Playlists, Regions and Media, Volume Automation And Setting, Pan Automation And Setting, Mute Automation And Setting, Main Output Assignments, Send Ouput Assignments are all options in _______
Import Session Data
Plug-In Assignments, Plug-In Settings and Automation, HW Inserts Assignments, Voice Assignments, Sidechain Assignments, Track Active State, I/O Labels are all options in __________
Import Session Data
Track Comments, Record Saf/Solo Safe Settings, Track View Settings, Mix/Edit Groups, ICON CUSTOM FADER GROUPS and ICON AUTOMATION SNAPSHOTS are all options in____________
Import Session Data
You can also import all the markers, _____, and ______ from another session.
markers, memory locations, and window configurations
You would want to use the Time Operations Change Meter window if you would like to ___ or ____ time simultaneously while adding meter events.
Add or Cut time
You can create a click track under which menu
Under which menu could you enable/disable the click
Highlited Metronome Click Button idicates that the MIDI Click is ____.
Under which menu can you set the click/countoff options
When you use Quick Punch, the newly recorded material is recorded to a ___ _____ _____.
new audio file
What are three ways to enable Quick Punch
1. Options> Quick Punch
2. Right-click on the Record button and choose Quick Punch
3. Hit 6 on the numeric keypad
How many punches can you have per record take
When a track is record enabled for Track Punch, what color is its record enable button prior to recording
light solid blue
____ voices are required per record-enabled track when using Quick or Track Punch.
Two voices; one for recording, one for playback.
The default track monitoring in Pro Tools is ___ ______ monitoring.
Auto Input
To change the track monitoring mode, which menu would you go under
Which quick key would quickly toggle between Auto Input and Input Only monitoring
Option + K
Quick key for Loop Record
Option + L
To access multiple takes from Loop Record, ______ click on the region.
What are three ways to record multiple takes for comping a recording
Loop Record
Duplicate Tracks
How would you toggle all selected tracks to Input Only monitoring mode
Option + Shift + click on any of the selected tracks Input button
What color will the Input button of a track turn when Input Only monitoring is enabled
light green
Two types of virtual instruments
Plug in and stand alone
Pro Tools can receive up to __ audio streams from ReWire-compatible applications.
True or false: You cannot use Pro Tools automation with a ReWire application
ReWire data is ___ stored with the Pro Tools session.
In the plug in window, to switch between settings folders which quick keys do you use
Command + Up and Down arrows
Continuos Controller
MIDI messages that allow you to control the parameters of a MIDI device in real time are
CC events
Reasons to use Pro Tools automation over CC events
Pro Tools automation has higher resolution and lower latency.
Pro Tools automation is _____ based
In order to record CC data over an existing performance while not overwriting the original MIDI data, what needs to be enabled
MIDI Merge
Every instance of Indigo takes up how many DSP chips
Indigo has how many separate instances?
Indigo is what type of plug in
MIDI Beat clock is under what menu
Strike has four control pages. They are:
Main, Style, Kit and Mix
Strikes keyboard provides how many keys for playing Strike
What are Strikes two MIDI Trigger modes
Style and Kit
In Strike, Black and White keys refer to
Play zones
In Strike, Blue keys refer to
Assignable Trigger Zones
In Strike, what is the color of the Pause keys
In Strike, the Style and Kit pages provide __ instrument channles.
In Strikes config window, what options are available under Beat Sync
Off (default)- syncs to session tempo
Bar- syncs to tempo and bar position
Beat- syncs to tempo and nearest beat
Velvet is what type of plug in: TDM or RTAS
What are the three main sections of Velvet
Piano front panel, Setup section, and Preamp/EQ/FX
Velvets Preamp/EQ/FX section includes what elements
Compressor, Tube Drive, Eq, and Five effects categories
To assign a MIDI controller to a parameter, ___ click on a control.
Standard MIDI File
What happens when you import a MIDI file into the Region List?
MIDI tracks embedded in the SMF are split out and become separate regions.
To enable MIDI Thru, which menu would you search under
When usinng MIDI Thru, you should disable ______ _______
local control on MIDI devices
Default Thru instrument responds to
all incoming MIDI Data
To find the MIDI Input Filter, navigate to which menu
What and where will a program change event block display on a MIDI track
The patch number on the bottom left of the region
To delete a program change event block, _____ click on it
Two third party patch librarians
MIDI Quest
Cherry Picker
What can be used to extract grooves from a MIDI or Audio performance
Beat Detective
Quantize can be found under which menu
To access the Grid/Groove quantize window, use which shortcut
Option + 0
Flatten performance is under which menu
Restore Performance does not undo cut, copied, pasted or ______ moved or edit notes.
You can draw velocity curves with any pencil tool except for
Parabolic and SCurve
To access the MIDI Event List (under the Event menu) use which two shortcuts
Option + =
Ctrl + dbl click on Instrument track name
When the MIDI Event List is active, hitting Command + F will
bring up the View Filter dialog box
To view Real-Time Properties, navigate to which menu
View>Edit window
With Real-Time Properties open, if a T resides on a region it means
Track based Real time properties in effect
With real time properties open, an R in the region means
Region based real time properties in effect
Track based real-time properties belong to the _______ playlist.
MIDI Real Time Properties reside under which menu
With Real Time Properties open, using the Write to Region (or Write to Track) option applies changes ________>
Restore performance undo's
Timing, duration, velocity, and pitch
To prevent accidental overwriting of data tracks when importing SMF, you should
temporarily hide MIDI/Instrument tracks that you do not want to be affected.
MIDI Thru is under which menu
To insert a program change, use which tool
Program change events are stored as ____ _____ within a MIDI region.
MIDI events
Groove Quantize adjusts which of the following:
A. Velocities
B. Durations
C. MIDI note locations
D. All of the above
D. All of the above
If a groove template is applied to a track selection with a different meter, what is the result
Template will be repeated or truncated to MATCH number of beats in selected.
Pro Tools applies groove templates to which:
A. Relative to song start
B. On the downbeat
C. At the first bar of selection
D. Where you want it
A. Relative to song start
Quick key for MIDI Event list
Option + =
To quickly add another event of the same type of previous event created, hit which keys in the Event List
Command + F
In the timeline, black dots with vertical lines represent
edit selection markes
Activating Dynamic Transport automatically enable ____ _____ and disable _____ _____ _____ ________.
Enable= loop playback
Disable= Link Timeline and Edit Selection
Disabling Dynamic Transport will return ______ and ______ to previous states prior to activating Dynamic Transport.
Loop playback and Link Timeline and Edit Selection
To activate Dynamic Transport, you can do what three things
1. command + ctrl + p
2. Righ click on play button
3. Navigate to Options menu
For Beat Detective to generate beat triggers that are metrically accurate, your selection cannot contain any ____ ______.
Meter changes
When you raise the sensitivity so Beat Detective can detect an important trigger, _____ click to promote that trigger before lowering the sensitivity so it will stay even though the sensitivity has been lowered.
You can move a trigger up to __ ms earlier than the trigger point using trigger pad in Beat Detective.
50 ms
Quantize to Grid function is under which menu
To select multiple regions, you can do two things:
Shift Click on a region or
Shift + ; or P
You can ___ click on a ruler to add an event.
Identify Beat and Beat Detective's Bar[Beat Marker Generation are both ______ based.
Identify Beat can be access under which menu and shortcut
Command + I
Tempo event are what color
Bar[Beat Markers are what color
Tempo Events are ____ based.
To change Tempo Display to display either Tempo Events or Bar{Beat Markers, ______ click on the add tempo sign.
X-Form has four parts. They are:
Audio, Time, Transient, and Pitch
Command + Option + L does what
Region Looping
When exporting a ___ bit session to a ____ bit session, you should use a dither and noise shaper.
24 bit to 16 bit
Which of the following are part of Structure:
1. Samplers
2. FM Wave
3. Audio FX
4. MIDI Fx
5. All of the above
5. All of the above
When using sound replacer, Blue means
Highest threshold setting or zone 3
When using Sound Replacer, Red means
Zone 2 threshold setting or 2nd highest
Automatch is available when using which Automation mode
On a tempo curve, what appear that allow you to adjust the shape and size of a tempo graph
Blue Handles
Replace Region function can be achieved by holding _____ _____ and dragging the replacement from the region list.
Command + Shift
Work Clock is
a clock reference
What will not be affected by key change events
Audio tracks and non-pitched tracks
MIDI Beat Clock is based...
upon your sessions tempo.
The window config list cannot be included in a window config location. True or false
Delay compensation automatically compensates for I/O latency. True or false
A signal that communicates with a device in time is considered
Positional Reference
Speed and Accuracy refer to what
Word Clock
Write to Current Command writes automation to.....
currently displayed automation playlist
To replace a region, use which quick keys while dragging replacement over original
Command + Shift
FM waveforms are ___ a part of Structure.
Structures three main parts:
Patch List, Parameter Panel, and Keyboard/Smart Knob section
What section ahows all samples being used in the Patch in the editor window
Structures four different types of Parts are:
Audio FX
You can import and export sounds or MIDI files into/out of structure by
Dragging and dropping
Command + Option + K does what
Hides auto created regions
Command + Shift + K does what
Exports Region
To Hide audio in region list, use which shortcut
Command + Shift + 1
Five Real Time Properties settings
Quantize, Duration, Velocity, Delay, and Transpose
For click options, navigate to which menu
For every 1/4 note, how many ticks
With the color palette, you can color what things
To adjust delay compensation, navigate to which window
Playback Engine
What is Pro Tools default display mode
Linear Sample
Interleaved files must be converted to ___ _____ to be used in Pro Tools.
Multi Mono
The Export Region as Files command only works for
Complete regions and regions with fade ins or fade outs
Quick key for window>workspace
Option + ;
Structure five global pages are
Main, Effects, Database, Browser, Setup
You can store up to __ window configurations
You can have ___ memory locations
To show window configuration list
Command + Option + J
To add a window config
. + number + plus (+)
ex. . 99 +
In window config list, you can choose to show
Window layout, Edit window settings, Mix Window settings, and Transport Window settings
To recall a window config list
. + number + *
ex. . 99 *
You can store which of the following as a memory location:
A. Zoom Settings
B. Track Heights
C. Group Enables
D. Window Configurations
E. All of the above
E. All of the above
With Auto-Update Active Configuration is selected, the active _______ _______ will update with every change to the window layout and window display settings.
Window Configuration
The pencil tool is ________ editing.
To regroup a region, what key command
Command + Option + R
'Group 01 (4A 2M)' tells you waht
Group 1 has 4 audio channels and 2 Midi channels.
Can audition a region group by ______ clicking the region group in the region list.
Region Looping shortcut
Command + Option + L
Pro Tools does not allow you to have Region Groups nested in other Region Groups. True or False.
Ungrouping a region group _____ any region group-level fades or crossfades.
Timing of MIDI data can be affected by ______ ______ which are caused by timing variations that occur when the CPU delays while playing a MIDI event.
MIDI Jitter
Three types of MIDI offsets
Global, Track, and Real-Time Properties Offsets
Snapshot Automation modes are under which menu
Write to All Enabled shortcut
Command + Option + /