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What is a digital dossier?
Comprehensive selection of information, a diart of recorable events that details who you are and the movements you made
Who was Bork?
Bork was up for chief justice and people started digging around and they looked into his video store usage and implied he rented porn
What is the Video Protection Act
Law covering that people can't use video store rental information.
How would we build a datasphere?
Make the data collectable
Make the data readable by machine
Build a big database
What is RFID?
Uses radio waves to automatically identify individual items by means of a microchip capable of transmitting identifying information
What are the privacy issues behind RFID
Tracking individuals through their product purchases and uses, score creep, location tracking of individuals
What is Bayes Theorem
A formula for predicting those who would be a threat to society
What are legitimate roles for medical records
To provide continuity of care
Public health
Protect against fraud