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prison violence
-inadequate supervision
-arch. design
-weapon availability
-housing violence-prone inmates near potential victims
-high level of tension-close quarters
-relations btw inmates & staff
ruffin v. commonwealth
-prisoners are like slaves
-very few rights
cooper v. pate
-prisoners DO have const. rights
-can sue correctional officers/institutions
*Hands off*
First Ammendment
-freedom of speech
-have this right-more or less
-mail monitored
Fourth Ammendment
-unreasonable search & seizure
-do not have this right
Eighth Ammendment
-cruel/ unusual punishment
-are protected by this
Fourteenth Ammendment
-due process
-are somewhat protected
prisoner grievences
-25,500 prisoner lawsuits in 2000
-74% dismissed for lack of evidence
Prison Reform Litigation Act
-limit prisoners to sue institutions
-more diff to waive leave costs
-must go thru every process at inst. before can file