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An i_______ p________ makes an image by striking an ink ribbon against the paper's surface.
impact printer
In Win 9x, printing is divided into:

1. ________ _________r 2. ________r 3.print _p______
print driver, printer, print spooler
You install a printer in XP, but system does not detect the printer. Where do you go first?
Start -> Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes
You install a printer in XP, the system does not detect the printer. You go to the Printers and Faxes applett. Then what?
click add printer
What is printer emulation?
Using a "substitute printer driver", one not made for exclusively for the printer.
True or false: Some printers require that they be set to emulation mode to use a substitute driver.
Your printer does not print. What do you check first?
obvious things. Is it plugged in, with paper, connected etc
Your printer does not print. It is plugged in has paper and is connected. What do you check now?
the spooler
Give two ways to check a spooler status in a printer in Windows 2000.
1. from the icon in the system try
2. Check the printer applet in the control panel
A print job has a strange size. What does this usually point to?
a problem setting up the print job
The printer is printing garbage prints. What is the first thing to do to trouble shoot?
Most likely the driver is corrupted.
Will some companies pay for toner cartridges?
Are there some laws in some places regarding disposing of waste from printers?(toner, ink cartridges)
What does MSDS stand for?(relates to throwing away printers components)
Material Safety Data Sheet
You want to use multiple printers hooked into the same parallel port. What do you need?
a switch box
You have white bars gowing through the text of a dot matrix printer. What does this point to?
a dirty or damaged print head
You have a dot matrix printer and you believe it has a problem with the printhead. What should you try next?
clean the printhead with a little denatured alcohol
You have a dot matrix printer with white bars gowing through the text. You have tried cleaning it with denatured alchol. What do you do next?
replace the printhead (try manufacturer or third party company)
Your dot matrix printer is covered in small dots and smudges. What is probably the problem?
a dirty platen
In a dot matrix printer, what should you clean the platen with?
denatured alcohol
Which get dirtier, ink jet printers or laser jet printers?
laster jet printers
True or false: Most manufacturers do not reccomend periodic cleaning of ink jet printers.
You want to find the printer maintenance software for an inkjet printer. Name three places to look.
1. Printer Preferences 2. start menu 3. desktop
You are using an inkjet printer. SOme colors don't show or the paper is empty.Name two likely culprits?
clogged inkjet nozzle
low toner
True or false: Ink on inkjet printers is oil based rather than water based.
false, they are water based
You can print a test page using the OS, but can't print from an application. What should you do next?
trouble shoot the application
You can't print a test page from the OS, but can print one from controls on the printer. What should you do FIRST?
check connection between printer and PC
You can print a test page from the printer but not OS. The printer is properly connected to the PC. What should you suspect now?
problem with OS or drivers. (perhaps spooler?)
You can print a test page from a printer, but not OS. The printer is connected to the pc, there are no problems with the drivers or OS or in spooler. What do you check next?
printer cable
You can't print a test page from the OS or the printer control for a networked computer. What do you do?
check printer power. Turn printer off and back on then try printer test page with printer offline. If works, turn printer online.
You can't print a test page from OS, or the printer. You have checked the power and have turned printer off and and back on offline but nothing works. What now?
troubleshoot printer
You have seen a decrease in the quality of printing for your Laser Printer. What is probably the problem?
toner needs replacing
You are low on toner in a laser printer but need to print right now. What might work?
take the toner out and gently shake it.
Can extreme humidity cause toner in a laser printer to clump?
A DB-25 printer connector can look simmiliar to a ______ port.
Fill in the missing step of laser printing: Cleaning, ______, Writing, Developing, Transfering, Fusing
How many sides are in a scanning mirror in a laser printer?
What does a sweeper strip do in a laser printer?
cleans the drum of residual toner.
after the sweeper strip takes the residual toner off the drum, what takes the toner away?
Sweeper Blade
A c____ b_____ completes the physical cleaning of the drum of a laser printer.
cleaning blade
E_____ L_____ are in the hinged top cover of the printer and light the surface of the drum to neutralize any charge on it.
Erase lamps
After a laser printer has bee cleaned, it becomes "conditioned" before going to the writing stage. What happens in the conditioning stage?
it is given a uniform electrical charge.
What is the main thing that happens during the writing stage of a laser printer?
The uniform charge from the conditioning stage is discharged from where you want it write.
In a laser printer, what eight sided mirror is used to make the laser make a sweeping motion accross the drum?
The scanning mirror
a s____ l____ is one pass of a laser in a laser printer.
scan line
The b____ d_____ m_____ is inside the laser printer and can be used to diagnose problems with the laser or scanning motor.
beam detect mirror
What is the developing cylindar in a laser printer?
ink is applied to the developing cylinder and then taken from the developing cylinder to the drum.
in a laser printer, what prevents too much ink from being applied to the developing cylinder?
the control blade
The toner in a laser printer must have a charge between the ________ area of the drum and the discharged area of the drum, so that it sticks to the ___________.
non discharged area of the drum, discharged area of the drum
How is toner held onto the developing cylinder in a laser printer?
a magnet inside the developing cylinder
What is toner in a laser printer made of?
black resin bonded to iron
In a laser printer, the ______r ______y keeps the developing cylinder supplied with toner?
toner cavity
In a laser printer, when you change the printer density, you are really changing the D_____ B______ which controls the attraction the magnet inside the developing cylinder has to the toner.
DC Bias
In the transfering stage of a laser printer, what is the main thing that happens?
ink is put onto the paper
In a laser printer, what puts a positiive charge onto the paper?
transfer corona or transfer charging roller