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Define HTN
HTN is dysfunction of the synpathetic nervous system caued by excessive catecholamines resulting in chronic vasocontriction.
The Triangel of anesthesia
analgesia, amnesia, muscle relaxant
what are the signs of light anesthesia?How do you know they are light?
increased pupilary reflex,htn,rr,tachy,lid reflex,curare cleft
What stage of anesthesia is consious sedation occurring?
stage 1
Before extubation should you suction?What is their eyes are open?
YEs..always suction! YES even if eyes are open!
What is SOAP?
S-Suction r/t suction yankaur, ett,nt,turn it up on full!
O-oxygen check pipelines, machine,tank source, bvm, vaporizers,leaks for suction
A-Airway ETT, laryngoscope,blade,mask, oral, nasal airways, cricoid kit, lma, magill forceps, bougie
P-Pharmacology Benzos,opiods,induction agents,ndmr,depolarizing,vasopressors
What are the classes neo and ephedrine?Doses and uses. Clearance.
Neo Synthetic non catecholamine
Alpha adrenergic agonist.Dose10ug/min iv intitially then titrate to dose. Rapid onset. Cleared renally and hepatic
Ephedrine-Non catecholamine sympathomimetic with mixed and direct and indirect actions as well as CNS systems. Dose is 5-50mg IV prn. Cleared renally. Avoid in MAO inhibitors
What is balanced anesthesia?
A combination of IV and inhalation agents that produce amnesia, analgesia,muscle relaxants and hypnosis while maintaining physiological homeostasis throughout the surgical procedure
NMB monitoring how many twitches? What percent of receptors blocked by agent?
1 twitch 90%
2 twitch 80
3 twitch 75
4 twitch 0-75
0 twitch 100 saturation
what nerve is assessed while monitoring the following muscles? Adductor pollicus, obicularis occuli, Flexor hallucis brevis?
adductor pollicus-ulnar
obicularis occuli-facial
flexor hallucis brevis-sural
What is the importance of assessing facial verus ulnar nerve?
Facial is most indicative of the airway. Ulnar is what the diaphram is doing
What is clinical duration?
Clinical duration is the defined as the time from injection to recovery of TO4. It is significant because it is indicative of reversal time
Why the sniff position?
It allows for oral, pharnygeal, laryngeal axes such that the passage from the lips to glottic opening is most nearly in a straight line.
What is included in a time out?
What are the clinical tests for meeting criteria of extubation?
Head lift greater than 5 sec
Sustained head lift
arm lift greater than 45 sec.
inspiratory force >-20cm h20
VC of 15ml/kg