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A subject’s or object’s ability to use, manipulate, modify, or affect another subject or object.
The organizational resource that is being protected.
An act that is an intentional or unintentional attempt to cause damage or compromise to the information and/or the systems that support it.
Control, Safeguard or Countermeasure
Security mechanisms, policies, or procedures that can successfully counter attacks, reduce risk, resolve vulnerabilities, or otherwise improve the security within an organization.
To take advantage of weaknesses or vulnerability in a system.
A single instance of being open to damage.
Good: To use computers or systems for enjoyment. Bad: To illegally gain access to a computer or system.
A passive entity in the information system that receives or contains information.
The probability that something can happen.
Security Blueprint
The plan for the implementation of new security measures in the organization.
Security Model
A collection of specific security rules that represents the implementation of a security policy
Security Posture or Security Profile
A general label for the combination of all policy, procedures, technology, and programs that make up the total security effort currently in place.
An active entity that interacts with an information system and causes information to move through the system for a specific end purpose.
A category of objects, persons, or other entities that represents a potential danger to an asset.
Threat Agent
A specific instance or component of a more general threat.
Weaknesses or faults in a system or protection mechanism that expose information to attack or damage.