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Why use Role reversal, or turn the tables?
I love it! I love it! With this type of communication, they react SO differently! A lot of times, they will break down and admit they DO like me! And this keeps you out of the "lets just be friends" category and reduces the number of fake numbers and blow-offs you get from women. It also keeps you from appearing "TOO NICE". AND I dont have to CHASE them anymore! It's a wonderful feeling.
She asks if I want a drink......
so I tell her NO. Suggesting that "she is just trying to get me drunk." "I'm not that easy, etc..."
When drinking together...
“O.K. one drink(sly grin here)but if you start stumbling around I'm not paying your cabfare home!",
Date idea....cook?
I love the fact that you suggested "she should come over and cook for you." Cocky and funny, very nice. When she got that shocked look and couldn't respond you might have said "Oh, I didn't mean to embarrass you... you can't cook, huh? Well, that's OK. It's nothing to be ashamed of..."
To the girl working at the store, or shopping in the mall
After that, just simply move to the "It was nice talking to you but I have to get back to my shopping..." Then just after turning away say "Hey!... Do you have email?" "Yes." "Great [pull out pen]. Give it to me." Then follow up with this email: "Hey, nice bumping into you at the market today. After carefully considering it, I've decided that I can live with the fact that you can't cook. I'll just have to adjust. I'm busy tomorrow, but maybe the next day we can get together for a cup of tea and I can teach you a thing or two about this cooking thing. It's really not that hard, and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time..."
To a group of girls, at the tavern...
it makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE what you do, its the cocky, funny way you do it! be confident! go up to some girls and say sup girls, ask their names, then look at the hottest one and say ARE YOU TRYING TO PICK ME UP???!!!! hahaha and just keep teasing, making the frame that she wants you, and BE SURE TO TELL HER YOU KNOW SHE WANTS YOU!!!! Then to her friends..."look at her, she's undressing me with her eyes. It's really making me uncomfortable."
She gives you any kind of compliment, or tells you that you're funny.
I'll say: "Look, I know how you women are. First a little compliment, then you're asking me for my number, then you want me to come home with you to "check out your new stereo" or something. I just want you to know that I'm not that kind of guy, and I won't fall for it."
Mess with her while KIssing..
Pull her body into yours as you kiss her. Then push her away and say "You're bad!". Stop for awhile. Make her think about it. Then start again when she isn't expecting it.
“Busting ON” / Funny topics...
her outfit,
An example would be saying "Wow, those are some tall shoes. What, are you like three feet tall without them?"
Him: "Can I kiss you?" Her: "Yes", Him: "OK, I'll make sure to do that"
Me: "You know, I was telling my mom about you today"
Her: "Really?"
Me: <Pause... for effect> "NO, you dork! Why would I tell my MOM about you? Get over yourself!"
One of my favorite Cocky & Funny themes to follow is, "You're screwing up your chances with me".
Let's say I'm walking down the street with a girl to have a cup of tea. Let's assume that she and I just met the night before, I got her number, and now we're walking from my place to tea. On the way in the door to the coffee shop, she trips over the doorway. I might look at her, shake my head in an "overly dramatic fake annoyed" way, and say, "This relationship just isn't going to work". Then, let's say fifteen minutes later, she spills her tea on the table and herself. I'll shake my head again and say, "What did I tell you about this kind of behavior?". In other words, I'm communicating the very OPPOSITE of "You're a potential wife". I'm saying, "I'm so comfortable around you that I can even make fun of you without caring what you think of me".
Sending Mixed feelings:
total attention one minute, then ignore them the next.
Cuddle, then pull completely back.
Tell her “you just want to be friends”, then give her a kiss.
Never give her something the first time she asks for it.
Example of Sending Mixed feelings:
Instead of telling her you like me, say, “You really like me.”....”Your undressing me with your eyes. I’m feeling a little uncomfortable.”
Accuse her of hugging you a lot.
Make fun of a small detail about her. (Earlobes, elbows) Then look into her eyes, and say, “Your still pretty.”
Nicknames, ACE, Smarty, Tough Mama, Black Widow.
“Could you stop touching my leg?” ...”Well, maybe a little higher”...”Girl, if you’re gonna be all over me, I’m going to have to leave. I’m not that easy.”
When sitting next to her, pull her up, and say, “I just wanted to give you a hug.”....”I just wanted to see how good you felt.”...”Now, I think I need a second one.”
Ask her about her love life. “Do you find that guys find you so attractive that they are afraid to approach you?” ... “Do you let it go to your head?”
Don’t worry, I don’t have that problem.