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What is the purpose of the OSHA form 300A?
It is a seprate summary of the form 300 it shows the totals for the year in each category.
Which of the OSHA forms is required to be posted?
Form 300A
What is OSHA form 301?
It is a supplemental record covering the details of each indicidual occurrence.
When is a injury required to be recorded according to OSHA?
When the injury or accident results in death, days away from work, restricted work, medical treatment beyond first aid, loss of consciousness, or dx of significant injury, needlestick injury.
At what point can am employer stop counting days lost?
Is the day in which the injury or illness occurs counted as a day away from work or restricted day?
Is an employer required to report fatal heart attacks that occour at work?
Are employers required to report public street vehicle accidents or public transportation accidents?
NO, only on construction work zones.
Define occupational injury...
an injury that results from a work-related accident or exposure involving a single incident in the work environment.
Define occupational illness...
an abnormal condition or disorder, other then one caused by injury, caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with employment.
During what time period must a employer record a injury on the OSHA form 300?
Within 7 working days from the time they learn of it. Unless the employee dies or 3 or more employees are hospitilized it must be recored and reported within 8 hours.
What is the purpose of incidence rates?
They can be used by employers to determine where the company stands in the industy to determine how the co compares to the Standardized Industrial clasification.
What is the forumla used to determine incident rates?
Recordable case rate=
Number of injury and illness ___________x 200000
total hours worked
What are OSHA compliance officers authorized to do?
Enter without delay at a reasonable time any factory, plant, establishment were work is being performed. Inspect all structures, machines or decivces used for work.
What are employers rights when faced with an OSHA inspection?
To see id of the inspector, be advised of the reason, have an opening confrence, accompany the officer, file a notice of contest within 15 days, refuse an inspection and require a search warrant, be assured of trade secret protection, require security