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bicycles produced after 1974
must have reflectors on front and rear
percent reduction in serious head injury with use of helmet
who gets 23 valent pneumococcal vax
>2yrs and SCC, asplenia, nephrotic s, CRF, immunosuppression
angle of infant car seats
immunodeficiency patients do not get which vax
varicella, OPV, MMR
who gets cholesterol test
all patientes with parent of elevated cholesterdol, or if the patient is has risk factors for eraly herat disease
who gets fasting lipoprotein profile
all kids with parent or grandparents ith coronary disease before 55
increased risk for homicide and suicide with gun in house
5x incresae in suicide, 3 times increase in homicide
age of fixing and following object
3 months
level of cholesterol considered too high as risk factor in family members