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Uses for the Preterit
1. completed actions
2. beginning/end
3. series of completed actions
4. time frame/weather event
5. mental, emotional, and physical changes
Uses for the Imperfect
1. background/description
2. ongoing action
3. habits
4. time/weather as background
5. mental, emotional, and physical conditions
Preterit: Conocer
to meet
Imperfect: Conocer
to used to know
Preterit: costar
to cost
Imperfect: costar

El libro del estilistica costaba 50 dolares
the stylistics book cost (was) $50. (implies not bought)
Preterit: poder
to manage to (could and did--effort put forth)
Imperfect: poder
to had the ability and or oppostunity, no reference to a specific effort or incident
Preterit: no poder
to fail to (specific effort and failure implied)
Imperfect: no poder
the assistant couldn't get used to the dark (no reference to a specific effort or failure)
Preterit: querer
she tried to pick up the rock (wanted and acted upon it)
Imperfect: querer
my mentor wanted to advise me (no reference to effort or success)
Preterit: no querer
to refuse to (acted upon the desire not to)
Imperfect: no querer
they didn't want to talk to the technician (but perhaps did)
Preterit: saber
we found out (beginning of knowing about it)
Imperfect: saber
We knew that
Preterit: tener
I received (beginning of having)
Imperfect: tener
Mi mama tenia = my mom had a talent
Preterit: tener que
the inventor had to (she acted upon it)