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1st to serve two terms
established a cabinet
outdoorsmen and soldier
whiskey rebellion
George Washington
1st vice pres
alien and sedition acts
close friend to jefferson
John Adams
political parties formed
louisiana purchase
fought pirates of tripoli
believed in strong govt.
Thomas Jefferson
father of the constitution
wrote bill of rights
first lady- dolly madison
war of 1812 fought
James Madison
monroe doctrine- euro colonys
missouri compromise
purchase florida from spain
James Monroe
son of john adams
beat andrew jackson
first mud-slingin campaign
only served one term
very intelligent- 2handwritin
John Quincy Adams
known as "common man"
nicknamed 'old hickory'-1812
killed a man in duel
believed in strong govt.
patronage system
1st pres nominated @ natl. convention
Andrew Jackson
panic of 1837-economic
govt. best when governs least
Martin VanBuren
defeated tecumseh-fallen timbers
gave long inaugural speech
1st pres to die in office
William Henry Harrison
1st to suceed cuz of death
made VP get full Pres powers
entire cabinet quit
whigs tried to get impeached
impeach voted down
John Tyler
"dark horse" candidate
little known
War with Mexico
acquired CA, NM, and AZ
acquired OR from Britain
gold rush in CA
telegraph, railroads, ships
lots of germ&Irish immigrants
seen as great pres
manifest destiny
James K Polk
2nd whig pres
died in office- cherries
hero of Mexican War
"old rough and ready"
cousin of Madison
didn't want to be pres
Zachary Taylor
born in log cabin
slavery big issue
Compromise of 1850-CA free state
open trade with Japan
wasn't chosen by party for 2nd term
Millard Fillmore
Gadsden Purchase- SW U.S.
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Kansas-Nebraska of 1854
not reelected
Franklin Pierce
career politician
bachelor president
foreign minister to russia
former Secretary of State
Ostend Manifesto-US take Cuba
Dred Scott case
James Buchanon