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To swear in or to induct into office (as President)
a system of courts & judges
An agreement signed by 12 tribes ceding much of present day Ohio & Indiana to the U.S. government
Treaty of greenville
Tax on imported goods
Pact with Spain to reduce tensions along the Frontier, setting the 31st parallel as the Southern U.S. border
Pinckney's Treaty
A 1797 incident in which French officials demanded a bribe from U.S. diplomats
XYZ Affair
An institution Alexander Hamilton wanted to create to aid the new nation's economy
National bank
A violent uprising of French citizens demanding liberty & eqaulity, inspired by the American Revolution
French Revolution
The agreement with Britain that ended the dispute over American shipping during the French Revolution
Jay's Treaty
The 1794 clash over the Northwest Territory in which the fedral army defeated the Native Americans
Battle of Fallen Timbers
Passed by Congress to create a court system, including a six member Supreme Court and lower federal courts
Federal Judiciary Act
Group that supported a strong national government, a national bank, & loose construction of the Constitution
Federalist Party
Group of President appointed heads of departments, created by Congress to help the President
cabinet (the President's cabinet)
Farmers' protest of the government't tax on whiskey, a product vital to the economy of the backcountry
The Whiskey Rebellion
A country is ths when it does not take sides in other nations' conflicts
An organization that promotes its ideas, influences government, & elects candidates for office
Political Party
Relations with governments of other countries
Foreign Policy
Group that supported a limited national government & strict construction of the Constitution.
Democratic-Republican Party
A series of four laws enacted in 1798 to reduce the political power of recent immigrants to the U.S.
Alien & Sedition Acts
Theory that claimed the states had rights that the Federal governments could not violate
states rights
A document that gave inventors exclusive right to profit from their inventions for a period of time
capitalism or American merchants can trade where they choose and make a profit for themselves