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requirements to be pres
natural born citizen, 35 years old, resident of US for at least 14 years
bully pulpit
Theodore Roosevelt's (1901-1909) idea that the presidency is a platform to advocate an agenda
stewardship model
woodrow wilson 1913-1921 involvement in foreign affairs
whig model
warren g. harding 1921-1923
calvin coolige 1923 -1929
herbert hoover 1929-1933
concern w. popular democracy and moderation
first "modern" presidency
fdr 1932-1945
FDR's achievements
FDIC, SEC, Wagner Act, Social Security, minimum wage, max. working hours, mortgage protection
institutional presidency
emphasize staffing institutions that transcend administrations
condoleeza rice
2005 named Sec. of State
role of VP became more ____ in 1950
changed the role of first ladies
Eleanor Roosevelt
Hillary clinton
Chief of state
ceremonial functions during good times and times of crisis
chief legislator
veto, recommended measures, state of the union
chief diplomat
appoint ambassadors
receive ambassadors
executive agreements
fast-track trade authority
meeting w. foreign leaders
commander of armed forces
chief executive
appoints agency leaders
(head of bureau.)
roles of the president
party ldr
commander in chief
chief executive
chief of state
chief diplomat
chief legislator
party leader
helps his party get elected