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_______ has no traceable ancestor.
all of today's breeds of corn are ________
____________ growing plants in a bath or flow of highly oxygented, nutrient enriched water.
Benefits of Hydroponics
complete control of light exposure adn nutrition, no weeding, no pollution from runoff wastes, uses ninety percent less water
Disadvantages of Hydroponics
must know how to balance nutrition levels, can be costly,, disease spreads quickly
peanuts are not nuts they are ______
peanuts are ____ protein, and ________ oil
26% protein, 50% oil
Peanuts originated in _______
South America
Why are peanuts unusual?
Because they flower above ground and fruit below ground.
Where are peanuts used the most?
IN the united states
What percentage of peanuts made in the u.s . are used for peanut butter?
Where do peanuts grow best?
In warm climates with dry soil
who developed 300 uses for peanuts?
George washington carver
Who introduces oranges to the western hemisphere?
Columbus, christopher
Valencia oranges
are the main variety cultivated in florida.
Navel oranges
originated in Bahia, Brazil.
Healthful properties of oranges
Scurvy, ulcers, obesity, arthritic pain, anemia, acne, multiple sclerosis,
Orange wood
has been used for furniture making, bows for archers, forerunner for the modern toothbrush.
_________ were the first to invent paper.
who invented the technique of making paper that we use today?
__________ is used for most grades of paper used today.
chemical wood pulp
_________ are used for purity, durability, and permanance when making paper.
cotton fibers
Straw pulp
produced mainly from cereal straws- wheat, oat, rye, barley, and rices
various kinds of herbaceous plants, whose fresh or dried parts are used to season foods, provide fragrances, supply natural dyes, or make industrial phamaceutical products.
herbs are fresh or dried leaves, while spices are usually ___________
seeds, roots, fruits, flowers, or bark. spices are also stronger in flavor
some commmon herbs are
basil, chamomile, chives, coriander, dill, garlic, horseradish, mints, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon, and thyme,
parsley contains
vitamin a, and more vitamin c than oranges do. b vitamins and calcium and iron
chamomile, celery, parsley, sage, and thyme should be avoided during
oragami originated in china but blossemed in
ori means _________ Kami Means _________
to fold , paper both of which are japanese words.
orgami became popular when
paper became readily available
the sugar maple can grow to over
100 feet tall
largest sugar maple ever know is in _______ and it is _______ feet around and _________ feet tall
Bethany w.v. , 5.6, 110
Gerberba daisy originated in __________
south america, and asiatic parts of the world
THe gerberba daisy is a
perennial herb
lillies are a perennial herb that emerges in the spring from an
underground bulb
the chrysanthemum
arrives in the fall and can live in cool conditions until freezing weather
an apple is
a simple fleshy berry
apples originated in
western china
William Blackstone
one of the first people to plant an apple tree in america
grafting and budding
two ways of producing apple trees
50 % of apples are consumed as
fresh fruit
Granny smith, red delicious, and yellow delicious are
three of the most popular apples that we consume
the science of making wine`
is the process of turning must into wine
crushed fruit or juice used for fermentation
large container used to hold corrosive liquids.
lag period
the time period that the yeast grows and multiplies, usually within the first twenty four hours after the yeast is added.
the process of cleaning the wine after fermentation with the help of additives.
the process of siphoning the wine from one container to another while leaving the sediment behind.
sulfur dioxide
used to inhibit growth of spoilage organisms and sanatize equipment.
aloe vera is a
perenial plant that belongs to the lily family
European documents prove its use back in ______
1500 b.c.
aloe vera has the ability to
close its stomata and completely avoid water loss.
you should not use aloe vera if you are
pregnant, or a patient with renal or cardiac disease.
mankind discovered tobacco
18,000 years ago
they first cultivated tobacco in the
Peruvian/ecuadorian Andes region 5,000- 3,000 b.c.
first known method of consumption of tobacco
who planted the first tobacco plant in the jamestown settlement
john rolfe
what happened on April, 13, 1994?
tobacco companies released the llist of 599 additives in cigarettes.
the nickname given to millen marsh's new cigars
wood is the dense tissue composed of ________ in stems and roots
secondary xylem
when cells of vascular cambium they do so in
three directions
plant physiology
is used to explain how plants grow in terms of the internal processes which control growth.
is the conversion of food into new protoplasm
Secondary xylem is
the thick woody core
the most recently formed wood is
the banana plant originated in
INdo-malaysian region
banana is the
worlds largest herb, fourth largest fruit crop of the world
the scientific name for the banana plant is
musa acuminata
there are _________ species of bananas
banana is largley derived from a single variety known as
three main types of banana
wild, cultivated, dessert
what disease may soon wipe out the banana plant out?
Black Sigatoka
who were the first to use pumpkin pie
which state is the leading pumpkin producer ?
two types of pumpkin that are grown
bush variety and veining
pumpkins have vitamin