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I have written
He escrito
you have visited
has visitado
Ana has awakened
Ana se ha despertado
You(plural)have resolved
Uds. han resuelto
I have put on a shirt
He puesto una camisa
I have called
He llamado
My brothers have watched
Mis hermanos han mirado
she has written
ha escrito
Tomas and I have read
hemos leido
the teacher has said
el profesor ha dicho
he has gone to bed
se ha acostado
I have placed
he puesto
you(pl.) have danced
Uds. han bailado
Anita and Samuel have washed the car.
Han lavado el carro
You(formal) have seen
Ud. ha visto
they have listened
han escuchado
You(pl.)have returned
Han vuelto
they have done
han hecho
we have seen
hemos visto
He is put.
Ha puesto
You(fam.) have put on a coat.
Te has puesto un abrigo.
The family has eaten dinner
La familia ha cenado
Ines has asked(ordered) pizza.
Ha pedido pizza