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Radiant energy is in the form of ____________ waves.
Rising warm air cools because _______.
the air molecules slow up as they collide with other molecules moving up.
500 J of heat is added to a system that performs 100 J of work. The internal energy of the system is:
400 J
The First Law of Thermodynamics is most closely related to the:
conservation of energy
The maximum amount of heat energy that can be converted into mechanical energy is
The wavelength of radiant energy emitted by an object is detrermied by
its temperature
A good absorber of radient energy:
reflects very little radiant energy
The two concepts require to explain the greenhouse effect are
all substances radiate energy and the transparency of substances depends on the wavelength of radiation
The direction of spontaneous transfer of heat is always
from warmer to cooler objects
By which means is heat transferred the fastest
The greater the difference in temperature between the input reservior and output reservior for a heat engine the
greater the efficency
The transfer of heat by the movement of hotter substances is called
The equalization of temperature between two objects is brought about by
conduction, convection, and radiation.
Heat is transferred through metal by:
materials composed of loose outer electrons are ______ conductors of heat and electricity
Heat transferred from one molecture to another molecule
__________ currents cause winds.
All objects continually emit _____________ energy in a mixture of wavelengths
good absorbers are ______ (good/bad) emitters
The coldest limit is _______ C and _______ K
-273 C, 0 K
First Law of Thermodynamics:
Whenever heat is added to a system it transforms to an ________ amount of some other form of ___________
equal, energy
Heat will never flow from a __________ object to a ________ object
cold, hot