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What are Tarategens?
things that interfere with the development of the baby in utero. examples:
-Illeagal drugs
-stress level of mom
What are the effects of DES?
malformed reproduction organs in the child
What are the effects of Thalidiomide?
limb malformations (Thalidimide was perscribed for morning sickness which is important because morning sickness occurs in the 1st trimester-when a lot of crucial development occurs.)
What are the effects of smoking and alcohol?
Smoking can cause a low brith weight in infants as well as cause the child to be more prone to illness throughout life.
-alcohol causes fetal alcohol syndrome
What is fetal alcohol syndrome?
results: -distinct facial features such as a thin upper lip, flat nasal bridge, upturned nose,and folds over eyes. -mental retardation -interferance with central nervous system development
What are the Stages of the childbrith Process?
3.Delivery of Placenta
What occurs during stage one, labor, of the Childbrith Process?
-at the beggining of labor contractions begin and or the "water" breaks
-at the end of labor there is complete 10cm dialation and 100% effacement
What occurs during delivery or Stage 2?
-the crowning stage
-the birth of the baby
What is the APGAR scale?
The APGAR scale is a test for newborns. it tests on (A) appearance (P) pulse (G) Grimace/reflex and irritability (A) activity and muscle tone (R) respitory
What score should you hope that your child gets on the APGAR?
You should hope for a 10!

Each section of the APGAR is scored on a scale of 0-2.
What are some complications that have occured at birth?
-anoxia (need air)
-small for gestational age
-crebral pasly (sometimes related to anoxia)
What is the NICU?
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
-they take care of newborns
What are some Newborn Reflexes?
What is the rooting reflex?
This reflex begins when the corner of the baby's mouth is stroked or touched. The baby will turn his/her head and open his/her mouth to follow and "root" in the direction of the stroking. This helps the baby find the breast or bottle to begin feeding.
What is the moro reflex?
Moro reflex - The Moro reflex is often called a startle reflex because it usually occurs when a baby is startled by a loud sound or movement. In response to the sound, the baby throws back his/her head, extends out the arms and legs, cries, then pulls the arms and legs back in. A baby's own cry can startle him/her and begin this reflex. This reflex lasts about five to six months.
What does a physician look at to determine the health of a baby?
-the APGAR
-the NBAS
What is the NBAS?
the NBAS is the Neonatal Behavioral Assesment Scale. It tests a newborn for: -28 behavioral items -autonomic -motor -physiological states of srousal -cry -social systems
What are Newborn states?
-alert inactivity
-walking activivty
-sleeping (40-50% REM)
What are the sleep disturbances in children and infants?
-nightmares -night terrors -sleep walking -bed wetting
At what stage of sleep do nightmares occur?
In what stage do night terrors occur?
Stage 4
In what stage does sleep walking occur?
Stage 4
What is SIDS?
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
-related to: -parents smoking around child, sleeping on stomach, and ovcerheating
your natural predispostion to behave a certain way
What are soe asepcts of Temperment?
-activity level -positive affect -persistence -inhibition -negative affect
Tell me what you know about breast feeding.
-breast feeding is superior to using formula. -HIV can be transferred with breast feeding. -milk is produced at a supply and demand basis.
How should solid foods be offered to babies?
one at a time. this is because the baby could be allergic.
Tell me what you know about malnourishment.
-1 out of 3 kids worldwide is malnourished. -in USA they are malnourished mostly from eating food that is not good for them (junk) -malnourished kids develop slower -malnourishment has a greater effect during infancy
How many neurons are present in the brain at birth?
100's of billions
What happens to our brain when we experience new things?
as we grow from nourishment and experience our neurons grow. therefore, w/o experience we would become mentally retarded
What are the lobes of the brain?
-frontal -occipital -porietal -temporal
What is realted to the frontal lobe?
emotions, judgements, motor skills, language
What is related to the porietal lobe?
sensory input
What is related to the temporal lobe?
What is related to the occipital lobe?
vision (occipital lobe develops quikly with experience and is least developed at birth but surpasses the frontal lobe.