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What is the instruction number for guidelines concerning pregnant servicewomen?
What is the form number for the Individual Sick Slip?
DD 689
What is the form number for the Department of the Navy Family Care Plan Certificate?
NAVPERS 1740/6
How many chapters does the instruction for Guidelines concerning pregnant servicewomen have?
For the reservist women that are pregnant who must provide approval prior to participation in active duty functions?
Primary OB/GYN Physician
Who must ensure that the servicewoman retains a high degree of commitment to fulfill professional responsibilites?
Who has the responsibility for counseling the servicewomen once pregnancy has been confirmed?
When pregnant servicewomen are ordered to an overseas duty, what should they be counseled on?
Command Sponsor/ Non-Command Sponsor
When should request for seperation be submitted?
Prior to the 20th week of pregnancy
For how long should a pregnant servicewoman be exempt from the physical readiness program?
During pregnancy and for 6 months following delivery
For how many minutes can a pregnant servicewoman be allowed to stand at parade rest?
15 minutes
How long can a pregnant servicewoman rest for during the last 3 months of pregnancy?
20 minutes every 4 hours
How many hours is the work week for pregnant servicewomen?
T/F Pregnancy does not remove a servicewoman from watch standing responsibilites, but all hours shall count as part of the 40 hours per week limitation.
Who determines medical and work assignment limitations?
Who should limit overseas assignments for pregnant servicewoman?
Navy Personnel Command
Pregnant servicewoman can not be assigned overseas after the completion of what pregnancy week?
Servicewoman may be assigned in CONUS without restriction provided they do not have to fly after the ____ week of pregancy?
A pregnant servicewoman shall not remain onboard ship if the time for medical evacuation of the member to a treatment facility capable of evacuation of the member to a treatment facility capable of evaluating and stabilizing obstetric emergencies is greater than ____ hours?
How many months will a servicewomen be deferred from overseas transfer due to pregnancy have their PRD adjusted?
Who must approve billetimg request after the 20th week of pregnancy?
Host Commander
How many months can pregnant servicewoman that desire to re-enlist be extended for?
6 months
What is the formnumber for a discharge certificate?
DD 214
Where will pregnant service women who are evacuated be reassigned to?
Who will ensure the availability of a private, clean room for breastfeeding?
By when should a servicewoman notify her CO or CIC of her pregnancy?
2 Weeks after Diagnosis
Where do all request for waiver of pregnancy policy should be submitted to?
How long is convalescent leave after uncomplicated delivery?
42 Days
Who must provide timely guidance on work restrictions?
Servicewoman's Healthcare Provider
When is a pregnant servicewoman placed on light duty status?
36th Week until term
How many weeks can a pregnant servicewoman be placed on light duty after completing convalescent leave?
2 weeks
On what form do you record to place a patient in Quaters-OB?
DD 689 Individual Sick Slip
Who will evaluate the shipboard reproductive hazards periodically?
Industrial Hygiene Officer
Who provides onsite occupational health consultation?
Navy MTF's
What is the ionizing radiation exposure limit for pregnant servicewomen?