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Away From
If you turn around you are going...... it
With; together
If your daiting some one you are ......
-ion, -ition
Forms a noun from a verb
Forms a .... from a .....
a-, ac-, ad-, as-
To; toward; for
If you are going somewhere, you are going ..... that place
One who
If you are a predecessor you are .... .... comes afer some one else
in; not
If you are a Imposter then you are .... who you say you are. Or "Go ..side right now!"
Condition of being
If you are in a partnership you are in the ....... ..... ....... a partner
Forms an adverb from an adjective
Forms and ...... from a ......
Belonging to
If your Impartial to something then you dont care who it ....... ...
Act of
If you are caught doing something, you are caught in the .... ... doing it.