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a (OE)
at, in, of, on, up, to
a, an (G)
not, without
ac, ad, af, ag, al, an, ap, ar (L)
to, toward, very
ambi (L)
both, around
amphi (G)
two, both, around
ante, anti (L)
before, previous
anti (G)
be (OE)
about, around, all over
bene (L)
good, well
bi (L)
two, twice
by (OE)
near, incidental, secondarily
cata (G)
away, down, back, through, entirely
cent (L)
one hundred
circum (L)
co, col, com, con, cor (L)
with, together with, very
contra, contre, contro, counter (L)
against, opposing
de (L)
away, down, from, off
demi (L)
di (G)
two, twice
di, dif, dis (L)
away, down, not, off, opposing
dia (G)
across, between, by, through
dys (G)
ill, bad
em, en (G)
among, in
epi (G)
on, over, near
eu (G)
good, well