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the Nazi propaganda machine under Joseph Goebbels viciously used
press agentry
the Depression-War era led public relations to value _____ and develop massive, sophisticated strategies to communicate with and influence the public
mutual influence
public relations practitioners _____, _____, and _____ organizational programs that promote the influence and understanding among an organization's constituent parts and publics
develop; execute; evaluate
How do theories help the public relations practitioner?
Using theories can make campaigns and messages more effective. [We can look at these theories in terms of how effectively we can get our messages out.]
What are three of the new and not always pleasant realities of American life that occurred during the Industrial Revolution?
(1.) the enforced rhythm of the factory, (2.) the stress of urban life, (3.) the vast distinction between bosses and workers
You cannot print or use a picture in a brochure or advertisement unless you have _____ of those in the picture.
informed consent
The earliest appearance of the term "public relations" was when?
in Dorman Eaton's 1882 address to the graduating class of the Yale Law School.
Approximately _____ of all PR practitioners work for the government.
The discovery between the needs of the organization and the needs of its publics takes much _____, _____, and _____ with the publics
research; analysis; interaction
may be the person in between the publics and management who is creating and maintaining relationships, also making suggestions ands solving specific problems within the organization or with the client
problem-solving facilitator
What are two benefits of situational theory?
(1.) helps the practitioner predict when groups will become active or remain apathetic, (2.) helps the practitioner create communication strategies for specific publics
Public relations practitioners are often the source of what two ethical things?
(1.) ethical statements from the organization, (2.) organizational policies on ethical conduct
You can use copyrighted material under the act's four "fair use" provisions if
(1.) it is for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes, (2.) content is not taken OUT OF CONTEXT, (3.) CREDIT is given to the source, (4.) the COMMERCIAL VALUE of the work is not materially reduced
What are five factors of ethics as standards of social conduct?
(1.) tradition, (2.) public opinion, (3.) law, (4.) morality, (5.) ethics
especially useful to public relations because it helps the practitioner manage the organization's relationships
systems theory
What are two rules of thumb to follow in any ethical decision?
(1.) do not lie to the press, even if full disclosure is not possible, (2.) do not allow a legal perspective on issues to determine corporate policy or response on any given issue
the idea of selling our message and using the media to do so
press agentry
the idea that you should always be honest with the media and that creating and maintain these relationships are extremely important
ethical dealings with news media
in situational theory, _____ is the idea that people must see that they can do something about the issue.
constraint recognition
Approximately _____ of all PR practitioners work for associations (such as the National Communication Association).
What is the most important function of the public relations professional?
Strategic planning/planning overall goals (this is done all the time and is cyclical nature)
What are the two things the agenda setting theory proposes that media has the potential to do?
(1.) build issue or product awareness, (2.) increase issue salience
The Federalist Papers appealed to Americans for a form of government to guard and enhance what THREE (3) values?
(1.) ideals of common justice, (2.) the general welfare of the public, (3.) the rights of individuals and private property
established the first school of public relations
Boston University
Public relations became a respected, sophisticated, and expanded profession during this era, largely through governmental and public influence.
the first time we see any documented persuasion
in the 1700s, around the time of the American Revolutionary War