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Paleo Indians-time peroid/food sources
10,000 b.c-8000 b.c/mammoths, bison, ground sloths, and mastadons
Paleo Indians-weopons, tools, utensils
spears made of stone and atlati
Paleo Indians-shelter
they were nomadic,so they moved around a lot
Archaic Indians-time period/food sources
8000 b.c-1000 b.c/less larde animals, deer, turkey, bear, rabit, reptiles, game birds, fish, shellfish, muscles, clam
Archaic Indians-weopons, tools, utensils
small spears, then choppers, drills, chipping, hooks for fishing then later axe
Archaic Indians-shelter
where lots of berries, nuts, and fruits are plentiful, some small camps
Woodland Indians-time period/food sources
1000 b.c- 1000 a.d/fish, squash, wildgreens, and sunflowers
Woodland Indians-weopons, tools, utensils
bow and arrow
Woodland Indians-shelter
built villages and built dome like huts for homes
Mississippian Indians-time period/food source
800 A.D-1600 A.D/grew their own food, beans, pumpkins, and squash
Mississippisn Indians-weopons,tools, utensils
hoes, digging sticks
Mississippian Indians-shelter
villages to large settlements, palisades are gates around village