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What is the purpose of dental floss?
Remove dental biofilm and reduce interproximal bleeding
Dental tape is most effective when used in what type of an embrasure?
Type I
When is tufted floss "Super Floss" ideal for use?
*when cleaning braces
*when cleaning dentures
*when cleaning wide gaps between teeth
(all of these)
A patient would not choose to use knitting yarn in which of the following situations?
A patient with Type I embrasures in which the interdental papilla fills the gingival embrasure
What is the action of Gauze Strips that help to remove dental biofilm?
back and forth- shoe shine stroke
What is the main purpose of a Floss Holder?
To reach more inaccessible areas
What is the most common shape of a Floss Holder?
Two pronged Y shape
Floss Threaders are designed to assist and encourage flossing in which of the following groups?
*Patients with orthodontic appliances
*Patients with bridgework
*Patients with implants
(all of the above)
Which of the following is true in reference to Floss Threaders?
They are more rigid than dental floss and can cause tears or breaks on the gingival
What is the main purpose of a floss aid such as the Floss Picks?
To make the process of flossing easier and effectively remove plaque between teeth and below the gum line
Floss picks are recommended for which of the following?
Children or adults with dexterity problems
The proper end tuft brush technique is similar to which of the following?
Bass method
White chenille pipe cleaners are best suited for what type of embrasure?
Type III
Instructions for using wood wedges include all of the following except:
Tips are re-useable
Toothpicks should only be used where there is sufficient space to allow the free movement of the toothpicks between the teeth.
What embrasure/s are toothpick holders best used for?
*Type II
*Type III
Massaging the gingiva with a rubber tip stimulator can lead to which of the following?
*Improved circulation
*Increased keratinization
*Epithelial thickening
Interdental brushes are used by everyone EXCEPT:
Tongue cleaners objectives are/is to
*Clean bacteria off tongue
*Reduce bad breath
*Reduce risk of gum disease
Which tongue cleaner's product may be difficult to use for arthritis due to its little handle?
How long should OraSweet and Dr. Wider's Original TungBrush be used while removing bacteria from the tongue?
10 seconds
Oral irrigators can help prevent and maintain what diseases?
*Periodontal Disease
What harmful effects can oral irrigations cause if not used correctly?
*Loose debris may enter pockets during subgingival irrigation if regular jet tip is not used to remove the loose debris before beginning subgingival irrigation
*Tissue damage
*Mold growth without proper cleaning and drying