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These 2 Indicies measure dental caries:
1. Decayed-Missing Filled Teeth (DMFT:Klein, Palmer and Knutson) (dmft:Gruebbel)

2. Root Carries (RCI)
Name the indicies that measure Gingival and Periodontal disease (hint: there's 5 of 'em)
1. Periodontal Screening and Recording (PSR)

2. Loe and Silness-Gingival: (GI)/Carter and Carnes-Gingival Bleeding Index (GBI)

3. Muhleman and Son-Sulcus bleeding (SBI)

4. Eastmand Interdental Bleeding Index (EIBI)

5. Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs (CPITN)
What are the Oral Hygiene Indicies? (hint: there's 5 of these too)
1. Silness and Loe (P1 I plaque index)

2. O'Leary, Drake and Naylor (plaque control record)

3. Grant, Stern and Everett (plaque-free score)

4. Podshadley and Hadley (PHP-Patient Hygiene Performance)

5. Greene and Vermillion (OHI-S simplified Oral Hygiene Index)
What is the purpose of the DMFT?
determine the TOTAL # of carries, pase and present

cummulative (all)/irreversible (won't change)
In doing a DMFT score what teeth are/aren't used?
3rd molars (only 28 teeth measured)

unerupted teeth

cogenitally missing/supernumerary teeth

primary teeth retained with the permanent successor erupted
In doing a dmft what teeth are/aren't used?
12 teeth are evaluated
8 primary molars
4 primary canines
When recording the dmft index, a tooth that has BOTH dental caried and a restoration is counted as?
"d" or "D" depending on whether it's a primary or permanent tooth
how many teeth is the dmft based on? what about the DMFT?

what is the purpose of the RCI index?
access presence of lesions of the cementum or dentin that involves bacterial infection and invasion


determines root carries, past and present

meaning that it is cumulative and irreversible
when scoring the RCI, what would I be looking for?
severity of root carries

recession must be present

sound teeth without carries must be included

R-D: root surface with decay
R-F: root surf.that is filled
R-N: root surf. thats sound
T/F: an increase in carries is a result of age not of root exposure
False; age has nothing to do with it
what could root carries look like?
- saucer shaped in a radiograph

- recession at the CEJ

- may be located beneath an overhaning filling
what indicies are used for clinical trials?
Plaque Index (Pl I)of Silness and Loe

Patient Hygiene Performance (PHP) of Podshadley and Haley
T/F: the DMFT was designed to survey population groups (epidemiologic survey) not individual patients.
the total number of cases of a specific disease or condition in exsistence in a given population at a certain time:
the RATE at which a certain event occurs, as the number of new cases of a specific disease occuring during a certain period of time:
determines the accuracy and consistency between examiners to standardize procedures
the study of relationsships between factors that determine the FREQUENCY and DISTRIBUTION in a community
a TRIAL run of a planned study using a small sample to pretest an instument, survey or questionnaire.
pilot study
an INACTIVE substance or preparation with NO THERAPEUDIC value
the teeth used for epidemiologic studies of periodontal diseases are called?
Ramfjord Index Teeth
What teeth would I need to look at if I was told to use the Ramfjord Index teeth for a study?
Max R/Mand L 1st molars
Max L/Mand R 1st premolars
Max L/Mand R central incisors
The Dentist needs you to measure the debris and biolfilm on a patients teeth, which index whould you use?
The PHP: Patient Hygiene Performance (Podshadley and Haley)
In the PHP index what is included in the term "debris" that is measured on tooth surfaces?
dental biofilm, materia alba and food debris
If the dentist asked you to measure the thickness of biofilm at teh gingival area, what index would be used?
Pl 1 : Silness and Loe
If I wanted to get the plaque index score of Sextant 1, what would I need to do?
give a # (0-3)for each area of the tooth (D,L,F,M)

total the # and divide by 4

add up the total and divide by the # of teeth in the sextant

that # is looked at on the reference scale

excellent = 0
good = .1 to .9
fair = 1 to 1.9
poor = 2 to 3
can you use disclosing agent if necessary to assist in evaluating biofilm for the plaque index indices? (Pl 1)
yes, disclosing agent can be used
If I were trying to teach a patient proper biofilm control, which index would I use?
either the plaque control record or the plaque free score


plaque control: measures biofilm PRESENT on tooth surfaces

plaque free score: location, number and percentage of biofilm FREE surfaces
T or F: When doing the Plaque Index evaluate biofilm on the cervical third, middle, and incisal thirds
False, ONLY look at the cervical third
the dentist ask you to do an index where the patient can see the number of tooth surfaces covered with biofilm, which one do you use?
Plaque control record: O'Leary, Drake and Naylor
what is the classification of the Plaque index, plaque control record and the plaque-free score?
simple and irreversible

why? measures the presence of biofilm and it can be changed
what result is a good goal for the plaque control record ?
10% or fewer surfaces

all the teeth OR selected teeth can be used in this index
how do you come up with the result for the plaque control record?
# of teeth present x 4 = available surfaces

x # of biofilm-stained surfaces by 100 and divide by the 3 of available surfaces
the dentist wants you to show the areas that the patient is missing when brushing, what index do you use?
plaque-free score

Grant, Stern and Everett
the small circles located between the diagrammatic tooth blocks on the plaque-free score index are used to record what?
interproximal BOP
what is the ideal goal for the plaque-free index?
100% is ideal
85% or less means an exam and remedial OHI needed
Plaque Control Record records teh presence of dental biofilm on which teeth?
All teeth within the dentition
What area of the tooth is examined for dental biofilm when taking the Plaque
Control Record?
gingival margin of the tooth
If you were asked to do a PHP score on the maxillary teeth of a patient what would you be looking for and what teeth would you evaluate?
I would be looking for the amount of debris on the tooths surface

for max teeth, i would look at the facial surfaces of
#3 : rt 1st molar
#8 : rt central incisor
#14: lf 2nd premolar
using the PHP on the mandibular teeth would req. evaluation on what teeth on what surfaces?
mand teeth:
#19 : Lf 1st molar LIGUAL
#24 : lf central FACIAL
#30 : rt 1st molar LINGUAL
T or F: When using the PHP index if the 1st molar is less than 3/4 erupted, has a full crown or is broken down the secong molar is used inseatd
In the PHP index what would an "M" or "S" mean?
M = missing all 3 molars OR both incisors

S = a substitute tooth was used
T or F: the same tooth surfaces are used in the PHP and OHI-S
what is the difference bewteen the PHP and the OHI-S if they both evaluate debris?
PHP = debris on tooth surface
OHI-S = debris on tooth surface and subgingival calculus is evaluated
what index would be used if you needed to know the total amount of debris on teeth supra and subgingival ?
Greene Vermillion and Greene
the dentist wants you to recognize and record the presence of early gingival inflammation disease
Sulcul bleeding (SBI)
Muhlemann and Son
What areas are the "m" and "p" units recorded from in the SBI
m: labial and lingual marginal gingiva probed at the long axis of the tooth

p: the mesial and distal papillary gingiva in the col areas
What index would you use to record interproximal bleeding with unwaxed floss?
gingival bleeding index (GBI)
Carnes and Barnes