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Independent Variable/ Manipulated Variable
The one factor that is changed in an experiment; known before the experiment. {goes on the X-axis}
Dependent Variable/
Responding Variable
The factor that is dependent on doing the experiment; changes as a result of being manipulated. {goes on the Y-axis}
Controlled Experiment
An experiment in which only one variable is changed/ manipulated at a time.
Any suspended mass that is free to pivot from an anchor point.
A factor that can change in an experiment.
Control Variable
The factor/variable that is kept the same in an experiment.
A group of related objects and actions that work together.
(horizontal axis)
A line that runs left to right along the bottom of a graph on which the independent variable is labeled.
(vertical axis)
A line that runs up and down along the side of a graph on which the dependent variable is labeled.
Two-coordinate Graph
A graph that displays the relationship between the independent and dependent variables in an experiment.
Picture Graph
Used to display data using pictures of the objects.
Concrete Graph
Used to display data using the object as part of the graph.
Line Graph
Used to display data that show how one variable changes in response to another; shows change over time. Shows relationship as the quantitites change.
Bar Graph
Used to display data in a number of separate, or distict categories: comparing data- places, or things.