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A teacher provides support for small, flexible groups of beginning readers. As students read a text or book that is unfamiliar to them, the teacher works with them to teach them how to use a variety of reading strategies. Which of the following reading approaches is described?
a. direct instruction
b. literature circles
c. guided reading
d. read-aloud
C. guided reading
A teacher reads aloud Where the wild things are, a picture storybook in which a boy named Max encounters wild monsters that are vividly portrayed. The teacher then shows the students picture cards depicting scenes from the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Which of the following concepts of literary structure is the teacher helping students understand?
a. plot sequence
b. point of view
c. character development
d. setting
a. plot sequence
Which of the following strategies is most often used when assessing reading comprehension?
a. ability to spell inventively
b. ability to decode new words
c. ability to identify the main idea
d. ability to create rhyming patterns
c. ability to identify the main idea
A kindergarten teacher sets up a literacy center where the students match pictures of objects that begin with the same sound. Which of the following skills is the teacher trying to develop in students through the center?
a. phonics
b. vocabulary
c. letter recognition
d. phonemic awareness
d.phonemic awareness
After a visit to rescue squad, a preschool teacher works with three year old students to write a letter to the rescue squad employees to thank them for the experience. The students contribute ideas, and the teacher writes the ideas on large chart paper. As she writes, she brings to students' attention several early literacy skills. Which of the following skills would be most appropriate for her to focus on with her three year old students?
a. paragraphing ideas
b. spelling words correctly
c expressing speech in print
d. capitalizing proper nouns
c.expressing speech in print