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1.   I sang.
yo canté
2.   You sang. (familiar)
tú cantaste
3.   You sang. (polite)
él cantó
4.   We sang.
nosotros cantamos
5.   You sang. (plural as in Spain)
vosotros cantasteis
6.   They sang.
ellos cantaron
7.   The señora sang of love.
La señora cantó del amor.
8.   I danced.
yo bailé
9.   You danced. (familiar)
tú bailaste
10.                     He danced.
él bailó
11.                     We danced.
nosotros bailamos
12.                     You danced. (plural as in Spain)
vosotros bailasteis
13.                     They danced.
ellos bailaron
14.                     Señora Peña danced all night.
La señora Peña bailó toda la noche.
15.                     I left.
yo dejé
16.                     You left. (familiar)
tú dejaste
17.                     He left.
él dejó
18.                     We left.
nosotros dejamos
19.                     You left. (plural as in Spain)
vosotros dejasteis
You left. (plural)
ustedes [ellos] dejaron
21.                     Amanda and I left the fiesta at one o'clock.
Amanda y yo dejamos la fiesta a las once.
22.                     I entered.
yo entré
23.                     You entered. (familiar)
tú entraste
24.                     He entered.
él entró
25.                     We entered.
nosotros entramos
26.                     You entered. (plural as in Spain)
vosotros entrasteis
27.                     They entered.
ellos entraron
28.                     You entered the building.
Tú entraste al edificio.
29.                     I opened
yo abrí
30.                     You opened. (familiar)
tú abriste
31.                     You opened. (polite)
él abrió
32.                     We opened.
nosotros abrimos
33.                     You opened. (plural as in Spain)
vosotros abristeis
34.                     You opened. (plural)
ellos abrieron
35.                     You opened your eyes. (plural as in Spain)
Vosotras abristeis sus ojos.
36.                     I went up.
yo subí
37.                     You went up. (familiar)
tú subiste
38.                     He went up.
él subió
39.                     We went up.
nosotros subimos
40.                     You went up. (plural as in Spain)
vosotros subisteis
41.                     They went up.
ellos subieron
42.                     The woman went up to the tree.
La mujer subió al árbol.
43.                     I filled.
yo llené
44.                     You filled. (familiar)
tú llenaste
45.                     He filled.
él llenó
46.                     We filled.
nosotros llenamos
47.                     You filled. (plural as in Spain)
vosotros llenasteis
48.                     They filled.
ellos llenaron
49.                     Pedro filled the vase with water. (rule: "with: manner")
Pedro llenó el vaso de agua.
50.                     I suffered.
yo sufrí
51.                     You suffered. (familiar)
tú sufriste
52.                     He suffered.
él sufrió
53.                     We suffered.
nosotros sufrimos
54.                     You suffered. (plural as in Spain)
vosotros sufristeis
55.                     They suffered.
ellos sufrieron
56.                     I suffered from many pains.
Yo sufrí de muchos dolores.
57.                     I passed.
yo pasé
58.                     You passed. (familiar)
tú pasaste
59.                     He passed.
él pasó
60.                     We passed.
nosotros pasamos
61.                     You passed. (plural as in Spain)
vosotros pasasteis
62.                     You passed. (plural)
Ustedes [ellos] pasaron
63.                     You passed [for] the park. (familiar)
Tú pasaste por el parque.
64.                     Irregular: caer (to fall) "I fall"
yo caigo
65.                     Irregular: traer (to bring) "I bring"
yo traigo
66.                     Irregular: caber (to fit) "I fit"
yo quepo
67.                     Irregular: hacer (to do, make) "I do" "I make"
yo hago
68.                     Irregular: poner (to put, place) "I put" "I place"
yo pongo
69.                     Irregular: saber (to know something) "I know [something]"
yo sé
70.                     Irregular:salir (to leave) "I am leaving"
yo salgo
71.                     Irregular: valer (to be worth) "I am worth"
yo valgo
72.                     Irregular: ver (to see) "I see"
yo veo
73.                     reg? irr? : Entrar
74.                     reg? irr? : Abrir
75.                     reg? irr? : Subir
yo subí
tú subiste
él subió
nosotros subimos
vosotros subisteis
ellos subieron
76.                     reg? irr? : Extrañar (to yearn for, to miss)
77.                     reg? irr? : Llamar
78.                     reg? irr? : Discutir (to argue)
79.                     reg? irr? : Comprar
80.                     reg? irr? : Cubrir (to cover)
81.                     reg? irr? : Beber
82.                     reg? irr? : Esperar
83.                     reg? irr? : Permitir (to permit)
84.                     reg? irr? : Llenar (to fill)
85.                     reg? irr? : Recibir
86.                     reg? irr? : Aceptar
87.                     reg? irr? : Bailar
88.                     reg? irr? : sufrir (to suffer)
89.                     reg? irr? : charlar (to chat)
90.                     reg? irr? : pasar
91.                     reg? irr? : cantar (to sing)
92.                     reg? irr? : brindar (to drink a toast)
93.                     reg? irr? : caer (to fall)
94.                     reg? irr? : traer (to bring)
95.                     reg? irr? : caber (to fit)
96.                     reg? irr? : hacer (to do, make)
97.                     reg? irr? : poner (to put, place)
98.                     reg? irr? : saber (to know something)
99.                     reg? irr? : salir (to leave)
100.               reg? irr? : valer (to be worth)
101.               reg? irr? : ver (to see)
102.               reg? irr? : ganar (to earn)