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Independent Variable
the factor that researchers manipulate so that they can determine its effect
Dependant Variable
Depends on something, the independent variable
An educated guess
Control Group
Members of a control group do not receive treatment
Experimental Group
Receives treatment
Between Groups
you can tell if the independent variable made a difference or not by looking at the difference between the groups
Within groups
there is no seperate control and experimental groups- but the terms are still used.
A substance or treatment that has no effect apart from a personal belief in it.
experimental bias
you are selecting one group based on some criteria that could reflect a difference in their depression level
volunteer bias
people who volunteer to participate in research studied often differ from people who do not
single blind procedure
participants do not know whether they are receiving treatement
the study must be repeated
people are asked to respond to a series of questions about a particular subject
target population
the whole group you want to study or describe
only part of the target population