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represents a blank piece of paper
document window
indicates the name of the current document
title bar
a view that allows quick text editing and formatting
normal view
a view that shows how your document would look in web browser
web layout view
a view that shows how the content will look on the page, including margins as well as headers and footers
print layout view
a view that displays your document with a minimum number of toolbars
reading layout view
a view that gives a look at the structure of a document
outline view
increases or decreases the document at various sizes
zoom level
allows you to have quick access to commonly used features in Word - you can use it to open a new document, view the clipboard, search for a document, and apply quick formatting
task pane
indicates your current location in the document - moves as you type
insertion point
the isertion point automatically jumps down to the beinning of the next line when you reach the right margin of the current line so that you don' thave to press enter
word wrap
press to delete the character to the left of the insertion point
press to delete the character to the right of the insertion point
key used to toggle between overtype and insert mode
insert key
marking characters, words, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs to modify in some way
select text
a special memory location that temporarily holds sections of your document
used to move a section of text from one part of your document to another
cut and paste
used to copy a section of text from one part of the document to another
copy and paste
button used when you perform and action and then change your mind
undo button
used to repeat your last action
repeat button
pre-formatted document for use as the foundation for creating a new document
ex: fax sheets
document template
an element in a document template into whih you enter test that personalizes your document
like a document template, but it has more options and promts you to enter information into boxes
document wizard
manages multiple documents waiting to be printed
print queue
printer where all documents are sent to be printed unless told otherwise
default printer