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allows you to view change, and delete files
windows password
allows you access to network resources suxh as shared files and printers
network password
gateway to all tasks performed by PC
windows desktop
represents a program, hardware device, or document - a small graphic on the desktop
indicated by a small arrow on the icon - provides alternative access to programs and documents
shortcut icon
rectangular area on the screen that can hold applications and files
a window that contains controls for specifying and customizing controls
dialog box
located at the base of the desktop - contains controls that help you launch programs, switch between windows, and access system settings
access to programs, documents, system settings, and help
start button
one click access to frequently used programs
quick launch toolbar
show you whats open (which windows) on the desktop
program buttons
displays the time and shortcuts to programs and utilies
notification are
message that pops up to identify unlabelled buttons
screen tip
(start button) produces a list of installed software
all programs option
(start button) customized to show favourites
pinned items list
name the options on the left side of the start button
- all programs option
- pinned items list
- frequently used programs
name some of options on the right side of the start button
- viewing stored files
- opening recently viewed documents
- adjusting system settings
- accessing the internet
- controlling printers
- getting help
- shutting down
collection of tools for customizing windows system setting
control panel
adjusts the look of your windows desktop
display properties
the display resolution that most computers are set to
1024 X 768
printer you use most often highlighted by a checkmark
default printer
guides you through the installation process - if it doesn't run automatically you can click START-RUN-type D:\setup
set up program
can be used to restore computer to previous state before the unwanted changes
windows system restore
collection of changes to the windows operating system packaged together for easy installation
service pack