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Post op patient complains of dizziness. What is the most likely cause of the symptoms?
what are the contraindications for PDPV therapy?
recent eye surgery,recent neuro surgery, pt. is hemodynamically unstable
A pt. positioned prone in the bed is draining which segments?
right and left posterior lower lobe segtments
Regarding anatomy of the lungs
1) There are a total of 18 segements
2) total alveoli in the hundreds of millions
3)the right lower lobe has 5 segments
The advantage of the AVI high frequency vest is that
It eliminates the need for postural drainage
Conditions that can affect airway patency and cause abnormal secretions
1)foreign bodies
risk for a pt. breathing small tidal volumes
passive atalectasis
What are some possible causes of contamination in large RESOVOIR JET NEBULIZERS
introduction of nonsterile fluids or air, handling of nebulizer components, spread of contaminated water back into resovoir
The time limit for a large container open container of sterile fluid before being discarded
24 hours
A patient develops an infection after exposure to contaminated food. This is an example of--
Vehicle transmission
What would you choose if your goal was to kill both vegetative and spore forms of bacterial pathogens?
Inhaling mycobacterium is an example of-
Airborne transmission
Sterilizing a piece of heat-sensitve equipment
Color changes in sterilizer tape
indicate that proper conditions for sterilization have been met
The spread of Hep C and HIV
Indirect contact
Nasal cannula ordering
By liter flow
Simple mask at 8 L--what FiO2?
If, while on a simple mask, the patient's RR and tidal volume decrease, what happens to the FiO2?
It increases
Criteria for a high flow oxygen device?
It must meet the patient's flow demand needs, and it must deliver a precise FiO2
Oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve
1) Comparision between O2 saturation and Pa02
Clinical objective of O2 therapy
1) decrease symptoms caused by chronic hypoxemia
2)decrease the workload hypoxemia causes on the heart and lungs
3)correct documented artertial hypoxemia
Indications for O2 therapy
1)treat hypoxemia
2)treat an acute MI
3)treat anemia at altitude
High flow oxygen delivery devices under normal conditions
aerosol mask, venti mask
Factors that affect delivered oxygen concentration from a simple mask
1) Pt's tidal volume
2) Patient's RR
3)Liter flow of oxygen
4) Fit of mask
True statements regarding venturi devices
1) if the size of then entrainment port is decreased, the FiO2 increases
2)If the jet size increases, the Fi02 increases
A percussion tone heard over areas of roughly equal air to tissue ratio is termed
The equilibrium between the thoracic cage and the lung itself determines
The functional residual capacity
True statements regarding alveolar pressure
Negative during inspiration, positive during expiration
Where are the anatomical locations of the peripheral chemoreceptors
1) arch of aorta
2)bifurcation of the carotid
Functions of the lung
1)gas exchange
2)heat and water exchange
3)acid-base balance
4)Defense against infection
Main example of non-elastic resistance
airway resistance
Examples of anatomical landmarks of the thorax
1)midsternal line
2)suprasternal notch
3)midspinal line
Main anatomical location responsible for involuntary respiration
1) pons and medulla
Vt means
Tidal volume
tumorous growth
removal of
incision into