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How many canopy sizes are there and what are their sizes?
5 sizes: 35ft, 28ft, 26ft, 24ft and 17ft
What type of cloth is the canopies made out of?
Nylon cloth
How many yards of nylon thread makes up all canopies on a parachute
2400 yards of nylon thread
What is the stitch per inch on a canopy?
8 - 10 SPI
Ripstop Requirements are...?
Tensile Strength - 42 pounds per inch
Tear Strength- 5 pounds
Air Permeability -80 - 100 cubic feet per min
What is the attachment requirements for a suspension line to be attached to a connector link
a clover hitch and a one- half hitch with bitter end sewn with double throw zig zag stitching.
Define selvage edge.
Is a finish edge on two sides of a piece of fabric to prevent raveling.
Define warp thread
Runs parallel to the selvage edge of cloth and runs lengthwise down a roll of fabric
Define filling thread
Runs prependicular to the selvage edge or crosswise across the width of the cloth
Define Bias Construction
Sections used in a parachute canopy are cut at a 45 degree angle to the centerline of the gore
The tag on Gore 28 includes what?
Navairfac order #, Manufacture Date, serial # and Manufacturer's Mark or Trademark.
The tag on Gore 14 includes what?
Just MFG Date and Serial #
What are the skirt and vent hem of a parachute reinforced with and what is the tensile strength of that webbing?
1 inch tubular nylon webbing w/ tensile strength of 4000 pounds
What type stitching do we use for all machine type stitching?

(Except Zig Zag stitching)
type 301 Federal Standard 751, 8 - 10 SPI
28 suspension lines counted at the connector links are actually counted as how many lines all together?
14 suspension lines all together.
Suspension Lines are made up of what?
Type III nylon

tensile strength of 550 pounds
Suspension Lines are anchored by what type of stiching to prevent slipping within the canopy?
Zig Zag stitching
What is a Parachute Container?
designed to house and protect the pilot chute, main canopy and suspension lines.
The ripcord pins can be removed by:
a) manually
b) automatically
c) both
C) both manually and automatically
What is the Parachute Harness made up of?
1 3/4 inch wide nylon webbing

Tensile strength 6000 - 8700
How many types of parachute harness' are there?
2 types:
quick-fit and integrated torso harness
What does the quick-fit harness consist of?
3 configurations: seat type, back type and chest type
What does the Integrated torso harness consist of?
this combines the harness lap belt and shoulder harness into one.
(reduces # of exposed straps and over weight)
What is the Ripcord made up of?
Consists of locking pins securely attached to a length of 3/32 in diameter corrosion resistant steel cable
Ripcord Pull Test is?
300 pounds
What kind of hardware does the parachute harness consist of?
Adapters, Snaps, Connector Links and Koch Release Adapters.
Adapters help with what?
Used to adjust the harness to the wearer.

(used w/ quick-fit)
How many type of Snaps are there?
3 types:
Plain harness snap
Quick-fit Snap
Quick- Connector snap
What is the Connector Link designed for..?
Designed to join the parachute to the harness.
Where are the Koch Release Adapters on the parachute harness and how many types are there?
Two types: Male and Female

Male: attached to torso suit harness

Female: attahed to riser assembly
What type of parachute harness do you use the Koch Release Adapters on?
used on integrated torso harness
When shipping containers what kind of construction do you ship them in?
Cardboard or metal construction
All inflatable survival equipment will be
subjected to what kind of maintenance and under whose control?
periodic maintenance under the direction and control of the maintenance/material
control officer
The periodic inspection cycles should coincide with the
specific aircraft inspection cycles specified in what instruction manual?
OPNAVINST 4790.2 (series), or personal issue
equipment cycle, as applicable.
To meet unusual situations and aid workload
scheduling, a period of how many weeks may be applied to the calendar maintenance interval?
plus or minus 1 week,
or portion thereof, may be applied to the
authorized inflatable survival equipment calendar
maintenance interval.
A period of plus or minus percent can be applied to equipment in phased maintenance aircraft?
10% may be applied to equipment in phased
maintenance aircraft.
How many types of life rafts are there?
5 types of life rafts:
LR-1 and LRU-7/p, LRU-12/A, LRU-13/A, LRU-14 and the LRU-15/A
how many people can the LR-1 and the LRU-7/P hold?
one man life raft
how many people can the LRU-12/A hold?
4 man life raft
how many people can the LRU-13/A hold?
7 man life raft
how many people can the LRU-14 hold?
12 man life raft
how many people can the LRU-15/A hold?
20 man life raft
All Life Rafts require what kind of maintenance inspections?
Preflight, Special and Calendar/Phase