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big emphasis on seniors
since they have long experiences, less easily convinced but dop vote in larger numbers and are intense newspaper readers and amg. readers. good source for volunteers.
audience characteristics
audience is very visually orintated
fervent support is generated for single issue
heavy emphasis on celebrity and personalities
distrust of authority
print media - newspapers!
income from adveritsing
different time scheudle more specific then naewpapers in terms of beats
tv and radio use personalities and that is good for both the show and the artist
using guest appearances , new releases on news departments, video releases, silent publicity where a location speaks for itself.
news release-
press release is the most ocmmonly used public relations tactic. purpose is the dissemination of info to mass media
media kit
press kit usually prepared for majopr events and new prodcuts. its uprpose is to give editors and reporters a variety of info and resources.
in a media kit
news release, news featuer, fact sheet, background info, basic brochure,
pitch letter
getting someone to get ure product
email has revolutionze how to spread messages.
also brochures do this to spread company
advertising for PR
done to build image. financial relationsnad advocacy,
ch 15
ch 15