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What are disease prone personalities?
People with certain personalities take greater risks with their health  so die sooner

Certain types of people are more prone to diseases (i.e. more likely to have health problems) and to premature death because of their personality-influenced behavior
Zuckerman's sensation seeking
Sensation-seeking individuals tend to take part in more risky behaviors
Farley’s Type T theory
“Thrill Seeking”
Suggests a psychological need for stimulation due to an internal arousal deficit
Should a person with Type T personality be allowed to engage in thrill seeking behavior?
Yes, so long as it is appropriate.
the sick role
The sick role is the set of societal expectations about how you should behave when you are not healthy
Certain people respond to stressful life events by entering the sick role when there is no organic reason.

Why from a behaviorist standpoint? Cognitive psychologist?
It is rewarding (positive (being taken care of) and negative (miss school))

Cognitive= attention and interpretations of bodily sensations.
disease or genetic predispositions to illness that affect personality
somatopsychic effect
Borderline Personality disorder includes ____ behaviors
Impulsive, self-destructive, fragile self-identity, unstable relationships
How is borderline personality disorder explained from a psychoanalytic, neoanalytic, and biological standpoint?
Psychoanalytic- disruptions in psychosexual stages

neoanalytical- children do not develop trust and attachment that would be the basis for future relations.

Biological-children come from families where affective disorders are common. (Tempramental predispositions)
What is diathesis?
The predisposition of the body to a disease or disorder
What is the diathesis-stress model?
suggests that although a predisposition to illness exists, the illness itself will not appear unless or until it is elicited by the environment
A tense, competitive style that is especially likely to be associated with coronary heart disease

____________ are constantly struggling to do more and more in less and less time  results in excessive arousal of the sympathetic nervous system
Type A Personality
Termite study: Childhood conscientiousness was correlated with...
Sociability and longevity?
No evidence that being extroverted prolongs one's life
Cheerfulness and longevity?
Cheerfulness is predictive of premature mortality
children of divorced parents face _____ % higher chance of premature death than non-divorced.
participants with married parents lived on average _____
4 more years
what kind of study was the termite study?
Longitudinal study
The Self-healing personality
Mrs. Braucher

Do not feel powerless in the face of external challenges
Feel committed to something important and meaningful
Respond to life with excitement and energy
Two types of Self-healing personalities
1) The active healthy personality
Functions best in a somewhat stressful environment
Outgoing and spontaneous

2) The relaxed healthy personality
Functions best in a low-stress environment
Calm and philosophical
Healthy people first need to achieve balance in their basic biological needs and secure affection and self-respect THEN they can worry about beauty, justice, ethics, harmony
Growth Orientation
Experiences of positive emotions (i.e., joy, interest, contentment) can broaden people’s modes of thinking and responding FINALLY this brings more possible actions to mind
Broaden and build model
Identity and purpose
For people who have had a brush with serious illness, some make life-changes
Tend to be always toward self-fulfillment
A person’s sense of dignity has implications for health
Individuals view their lives to be ordered and clear, not chaotic and inexplicable
An important component of Salutogenesis is _____
Sense of Coherence
A person’s confidence that the world is understandable, manageable, and meaningful