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What is the first step when creating a presentation?
Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and choose the method you wish to use from the AutoContent Wizard, From Template, or from a Blank Presentation.
What does the title bar indicate?
Indicates the name of the presentation and if you have more than one presentation open, which presentation is the active one.
What is the AutoContent Wizard used for?
Used to create presentations for standard topics and provides suggestions for the text on the slides.
What is the recommended view to use to easily change the order of the slides in a presentation?
Although you can change the order in the slide and Outline panes, the slide sorter view is the most convenient view.
Name the 2 selection modes of text objects.
Edit mode and Select mode
How do you access the Office Clipboard?
Select Edit, Office Clipboard on the menu bar.
When would you use the Font command rather than the Formatting toolbar?
When you need formatting options that are not available on the Formatting toolbar.
How do you change the type of bullet on a slide?
There are 2 ways:
Use the secondary mouse button, choose Bullets and Numbering and make the changes
Choose Format from the menu bar, select Bullets and Numbering and make the changes.
How do you create tab stops (positions)?
Tab positions are created by displaying tab desired, then clicking on the ruler where you want the tab placed.
How can you change indent settings using the ruler?
Select the affected text and drag the appropriate indent symbol on the ruler to the new desired position.
How is a spelling error on a slide indicated?
A red wavy line is displayed underneath the misspelled word.
What feature would you use to enter a long company name automatically?
AutoCorrect feature
Which tool does PowerPoint use to manage pictures and clip art?
Clip organizer
You can search for pictures on the Insert Clip Art task pane by using keywords?
How can you resize a picture on a slide?
Once the picture is selected, you can drag one of the resizing handles to resize the picture.
Name 2 ways of inserting a table on a slide?
Title Table layour. Select Insert, Table.
Click the Insert Table button on the Standard Toolbar.
How do you change the color of a cell in a table?
Ensure you have the cursor in the cell, click the down arrow for the Fill color button and choose the appropriate color.
List at least 4 types of objects that can be inserted using the Drawing toolbar?
Insert :
Word Art
Text boxes
What are AutoShapes?
Predesigned objects provided by Microsoft accessed from the drawing toolbar.
What must you do before you can group objects?
YOu must first select the objects that are to be grouped.
How do you apply a color gradient to an object using the Drawing toolbar?
Select the object, then click the down arrow for the Fill color button in the Drawing toolbar. Select Fill Effects in the drop-down menu and click the Gradient tab.
What is meant by Slide Transitions?
Is a special effect you can apply to slides as they appear during the slide show.
You can change the background color of a slide?
How do you apply a picture as a slide background?
Select Format, Background, click the down arrow for the Fill color button and then select Fill Effects on the dorp-down menu and click the picture tab.
What is a slide Color Scheme?
THe color scheme presentation determines the background, text and line colors, shadows adn accents in such a way that everything is coordinated in a pleasing way. PowerPoint provides a large number of predesigned color schemes.
You can import an outline directly from Microsoft Word?
How do you import a slide from another presentation?
Select Insert, slides from Files.
PowerPoint presents dialog box with thumbnail pictures of the slides in the other presentation. Select the thumbnail of the slide you want to insert your presentation and click Insert.
What is the purpose of the Master Slide?
Determines the placement and formatting of text on slides. The master allows you to add elements to be repeated on every slide of the presentation (such as a company logo)
PowerPoint keeps track of revisions made to your presentation by others?
You cannot print a selection of slides from a presentation? False True
Where do you view the Notes of a presentation?
While you are creating the presentation, you enter and view the Notes pane below the slide or Notes view. During the presentation you can view a printed version of your notes.
How can you see what a printed presentation will look like without wasting printer toner?
Select the preview button on the Print dialog box, or you can select File, Print Preview on the Menu bar.
What are Handouts?
Are copies of the slides in your presentation.
What is the difference between a speaker presented slide show and a kiosk slide show?
Speaker presented slide: does the talking and determines the pacing. Kiosk slide: typically self running, and because there's no presentor, the text is more explicit.
How do you start a Slide Show?
Select Slide Show, view show or you can click the slide show button at the bottom left corner of the screen, or press F5.
How do you access the Annotation button during a Slide show?
Right click with the mouse on the screen.
What is the shortcut to turn on the annotation pen?
Press Cntrl + P
What is the Reherse Timings feature used for?
Allows you to rehearse your presentation while PowerPoint records the slide timings automatically.
How do you hide a slide presentation?
Select Slide Show, Hide Slide, or you can also click the Hide Slide button on the Slide Sorter toolbar.
What is the purpose of the Pack and GO feature?
Helps you to prepare your presentation for viewing on another computer that may not have PowerPoint installed.
How do you view a packed presentation?
Locate and then double-click the file pngsetup.exe where the compressed presentation is stored.
How does a visitor to your web presentation move from slide to slide?
When PowerPoint converts the presentation to HTML format, it creates a frame wiht hyperlinks to each slide.
What is an online broadcast?
Allows you to show a presentation, including video and audio, simutaneously on more than one computer, in different locations.
You can only invite participants to an online broadcast using Microsoft Outlook? True False
What is a Meeting Minder feature used for?
Allows you to record minutes, actions and requests during the presentation.
You can output Meeting Minder actions to Outlook? True False
There are 3 ways to create a presentation in PowerPoint they are:
AutoContent Wizard
Blank Presentation