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What are tabs?
Outline tab- shows an outline of your presentation, including the titles and text of each slide
Slides tab- shows a column of numbered slide thumbnails so you can see a visual representation of several slides at one time
Use slide tabs to jump quickly to another slide by clicking the slide
What are panes?
Normal View- PP contains up to 3 panes
1) Slide pane
2) Notes pane
3) Task pane
Slide pane- shows the current slide as it will look during your slide show
You can use either the slide pane or Outline tab to add or edit text, but you must use the slide pane to add or edit graphics and to change a slides design and animation
Notes pane- contains any notes (speaker notes) that you might prepare on each slide
Speaker notes
What do you think about when planning a presentation?
1) Purpose
2) Type of presentation
3) Audience (who)
4) Audience needs
5) Location
6) Format
Presentation set up
What does AutoContent do?
AutoContent Wizard- creates a general outline for you to follow and formats the slides using a built-in design template
What is a design template?
Design Template- a file that contains the colors and format of the background and the type style of the titles, accents, and other text
What is a placeholder?
Placeholder- is a region of a slide, or location in an outline, reserved for inserting text or graphics
What is a title box?
Title text- is a text box at the top of the slide that gives the title of the information on the slide
Text box
What is main text?
Main text- (body text) is a large text box in which you type a bulleted or numbered list
Body Text
How many text layouts are there?
Four Text Layouts
1) Title slide- placeholders for the title and subtitle
2) Title only – placeholder for title but NOT main text
3) Text – title and main text placeholders
4) 2 column text- same as text, but with two columns
check slides
Design templates do what?
Design Template- a file that contains the colors and format of the background and the type style of the titles, accents, and other text
why promote?
Promote- increase the outline level of that item
what is demote
Demote- means to decrease the outline level
What is a style checker?
Style checker- automatically checks your presentation for consistency and style, and marks problems on the slide with a light bulb
Light Bulb