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What is the rated thrust of the CF34-3A1/3B1
8,729 lbs
9,220 lbs with APR operating
What is the difference between the 3A1 engine and the 3B1 engine?
The 3B1 engine maintains the rated thrust to a higher temperature.

3A1 - rated thrust to ISA +5
3B1 - rated thrust to ISA +15
Describe the design of the CF34 engine?
1. Dual Rotor free turbine engine.
2. N1 fan driven by 4 stage low pressure turbine
3. N2 Compressor is a 14 stage compressor is driven by 2 stage high pressure turbine
When is N2 (hydromechanical) mode speed control active?
When the thrust is less than 79.1% N1 or speed switches are off
How many valves open with the ENG START switchlight is pressed?
4 Valves.
1. L 10th Stage Valves
2. R 10th Stage Valves
3. L or R ATS
4. 10th stage ISOL
What system powers Ignition B and Ignition A?
Ignition A: AC ESS Bus
Ignition B: DC Battery Bus
*NOTE: CONT IGNITION runs both ignition systems
When is the APR activated?
APR activates when N1 rolls-back to 67.6%
*Note: It will be activated for 5 minutes!
What happens to the N2 range with the Wing Anti-Ice on?
Amber arc appears from 0-78% N2
How many ignitors do the engines have?
2 ignition systems per engine
What does pressing the ENG STOP switchlight do?
Disengages the ATS
When is the APR armed?
1. WonW
2. 79.1% N1
3. Engine Speed Switches On
4. APR Switches Armed
* Note: It will be armed for 5 minutes!
remember: ANWS
What is APR?
Automatic Performance Reserve. It commands a 2% N1 increase (500 lbs) in the event of an engine failure
When does the engine ATS starter cut out?
At 55% N2.
What does a NO START CUTOUT caution msg?
The ATS didn't disengage
How many horsepower is the ATS?
What is the temperature and pressure of the 10th stage bleed air?
Temp - 700 C
Pressure - 170 psi
How many fuel nozzles are in the engine?
14 - each is a two-stage (low and high pressure) nozzles
At what power settings, what type of speed control is in effect?
N2 - hydromechanical speed control - below 79.1 N1
N1 - electrical speed control - above 79.1% N1
*Note: One is measuring N1 and one is measuring N2
What does the L or R ENG START msg indicate?
The associated ATS vavle is open.
What are the conditions necessary to operate the thrust reversers?
1. Thrust Reversers Armed
2. 14th stage bleed air avaialable
3. Thrust Levers at idle
4. WonW or wheel spin up greater then 60 kts.
When is the anti-ice reactivated after deployment of the thrust reversers?
5 seconds
What does it mean when you get a THRUST REV UNSAFE caution msg?
There is an electrical fault in a trigger.