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connecting rod
rod that connects pistion to crank shaft
connecting rod cap
part of the connecting rod that bolts around the crank shaft
oil slinger
splashes oil on to all working parts of engine
dip stick
used to cheak oil levels
crank shaft
main shaft of the engine, that changes the recipitating motin of the pistion
shaft containg the lobs or cams witch operate the valves
cam gear
driven by cam shaft to operate the valves
cylinder assemlby block(engine block)
largest single part of the engine witch contains the cylinder
cylinder head
detachable part of the engine that exposes the cobustion chamber of the cylinder
fly wheel
heavy wheel witch obsorbs and stores engergy byh means of momentom
electrical generator that produces the current to the spark plugs
colects and stores curent from the armeture
breaker points
two seperate oints that intersept the current for indusing the high currnet
breker arm
2 seperate