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corporate class, instead of owners are controlling, exploits workers and wants to pay as low wages as possible, revolutionize the instrums of production in order to decr m and maximize profit, globalization(increase in concentration of economic activity in the world with subsidiaries and factories throughout regions to gain control of the markets)
Give an example of status or status symbol that you see in everyday life.
car, house, stocks, name, inheritance, education
Marx's Das Capital

circuit of capital:indicates that capital must circulate in order to accumulate
Give a few characteristics of each.
Bourgeoisie:exploits workers, maximizes profit, determine what is trendy, globalization(incr in conc of economic activity in the world and gain control of the market)

Proletariat:forced to sell their labor(minimal control only over labor), unionize(strike) to protect labor, paid by a sustenance wage
small m repr investment in producing a particular form of money(commodity)
What characteristics would a person in power have?
A person in power would have status as seen in wealth and income and political power and influence.
marxist theory
elite commoners
aristocracy masses


business workers
owners merchants
State the two opponents of this class makeup
bourgeoisie and proletariat
outline of marx's stratification
A. Marx
1. Dialectic Materialism
a. Mode of Production
1. forces(means)-industry
2. relations of production
a. Bourgeoisie
b. Proletariat
According to Marx, what would be a plight/predictament of small business owners-the petty bourgeoisie?
small business owners-the petty bourgeoisie would be forced out and become the members of the proletariat
sale of the commodity hopefully repr m(init investment) plus monetary profit [m + M(profit)] where the money left over is the profit
master status
refers to overall position that an individual has which shapes their placement in stratification scheme and their interactions
relations of production
proletariat or bourgeoisie
deals w/political power and influence
1. "Property class"
2. Wealth/Income(disproportionate share of income)
mode of production
forces, means (or operation) large scale factory based industries
Briefly summarize Weber's conception/definit of class?
Weber believes that class is seen by occupation(the individual market position) and is objective. It is less rigid than Marx and consists of gradations of power where everyone has the characteristics but in varying degrees.
commodity-anything which can be bought or sold(ex:chairs, computers) which is brought to market
Briefly summarize Marx's conception/definit of class in his stratification scheme.
class is defined as one's position in society and one's relationship to means of production.
by the ownership of businesses and the means of production. It is seen in the relationship between the business owners and working class.
uneven distribution of resources, benefits and rewards
C.Party-"Political Party"
1. Property class
2. Wealth/income
forced to sell their labor(minimal control only over labor)
[were paid a sustenance wage, just enough to live or make it]
occupation(individual market position); important factor of where one fits in society; objective
honor, respect, prestige-subjective(has to do w/an individual's attributions or characteristic or quality)
Ascription-ascribed status(inheritance) (achieved status)
Status symbol-tool used to portray that someone has honor, respect and prestige