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African American Vernacular English
Five characteristics of AAVE.
1. deletion of non-prevocalic /r/
2. deletion of 3rd person singular 's' and plural 's'
3. Multiple negation
4. copular verb (=copula) deletion (cf. SE Contraction)
5. Difference between habitual 'be' and regular 'be'
Creole form of English spoken in Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia
Creolist hypothesis
The idea that modern AAVE is decreolized creole from West Africa
Dialectologish hypothesis
The idea that AAVE is originated from southern dialect
Example of copula deletion.
She ugly.
You crazy.
He workin'.
Example of copula contraction.
She's ugly < She is ugly.
You're crazy < You are crazy.
He's workin' < He is working.
Example of habitual (invariant) be in AAVE
He be workin' (at his job) vs. He workin' (at the moment)
That coffee be cold (all the time) vs. That coffee cold (right now)