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Through any two points there is ____.
Exactly one line.
The intersection of two lines is a ___.
Exactly one point.
Through any ___ there is exactly one plane.
3 non-collinear points.
If two planes intersect, their intersection is a ___.
If two angles form a linear pair, then they are ___.
Vertical angles are ___.
If two angles are supplementary to the same angle, then they are ___.
If two sides of two adjacent acute angles are perpendicular, then the angles are ___.
If two parallel lines are cut by a transversal, ___ are supplementary.
Consecutive interior angles.
If two parallel lines are cut by a transversal, ___ are congruent.
Corresponding angles, alternate interior angles, alternate exterior angles.
The sum of the measures of the interior angles of a triangle equals ___.
180 degrees.
The acute angles of a right triangle are ___.
The measure of the exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the __ of the ___.
Sum; 2 remote interior angles.
If two sides of a triangle are congruent, then the angles opposite them are ___.
If a triangle is equiangular, then it is ___.
If a point is on the perpendicular bisector of a segment, then it is ___ from the __.
Equidistant; endpoints of the segment.
If a point is on the bisector of an angle, then it is ___ from the ___.
Sides of the angle.
The midsegment of a triangle is ___ to the third side and ___ its length.
Parallel; half.
The sum of any two sides of a triangle is ___ the third side.
Greater than.
The incenter of a triangle is ____ from the ___ of the triangle.
Equidistant; sides of the triangle.
The circumcenter of a triangle is ___ from the ___ of the triangle.
Equidistant; vertices