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Acc. to classical test theory, the variance of the obtained test scores is equal to:
sum of the true score variance & the error variance
Classic "aging pattern" is what decline on the WISC?
All Performance subtests
Inability to understnd words. w/o any loss of ability to speak or hear words is:
Sensory aphasia
Standard error of measurement indicates:
How close an obtained score is to a true score
Gestalt therapy is designed to achieve integration of:
Thought, feeling, & action
Sampling error refers to:
the tendency of sample statistics to differ from population parameters
Records should include:
identifying data, dates of service, fess, treatment plans, summary reports, consultation
A significant finding for a one-way ANOVA indicates that the _________ means were different:
Validity is never higher than:
The square root of the relaibility coefficient
Diagnosis most associated with completed suicides?
MDD w/Psychotic Features
Hippocampus is involved in which 3 aspects of memory:
Working, explicit, & spatial
Acc. to feature integration theory, the perception of an object as an entity relies on __________ attention?
Which leadership model uses a "decision tree"?
Vroom & Yetton's model
Acc. to IPT, what are the 3 componenets of depression?
Interperosnal relations, symptom formation, & personality
Signs of Cocaine & Amphetamine Intoxication:
Vomiting, pupillary dilation, & confusion
Beta is the proabability of making a Type ___ error:
II - retaining a false null hypothesis (failing to detect a true effect)
Acc. to classical psychoanalytic theory, a Specific Phobia is
a displacement of unresolved Oedipal fears
Acc. to Carl Roger's person-centered-therapy, psychopathology is due to:
Incongruence between the real self and the ideal self
Acc. to social comparison theory, an individual is more likley to join a group if compared to the individual the group members are_________ in perosnality & ____________ competent
Similar; equally
Reframing in family therapy serves to:
(relabelling or redefining a problem behavior, in order to get the family to see it in a new light)
The error inherent in the best fit regression line is the standard error of the ________
estimate (how far off can we expect to be when making predictions based on a regression (predicition) equation)
Which factors cause attentuation?
Restricted range, heteroscedasticity, curvilinear relationships
Behavioral assessments are useful for determining behavioral _________
Goal of reality therapy:
Help clients accept responsibility, by clarifying clients values and evaluating current behavior in relation to these values
IQ Correlations:
Sibling reared together = .50
Siblings reared apart = .25
Twins = .75
Parent/child = .45
Brief psychotherapy is to crisis intervention as:
Improve is to restore
Key principle underlying Montessori schhols:
cognitive development is enhanced by exposure to sensory-motor stimuli
Types of attention:
Selective = focus on 1, while ignoring others
Sustained = maintaining attention
Divided = attention split btw. diff. stimuli
Simultaneous = focusing on diff. stimuli
Psychoanalytic perspective on borderline focuses on:
abandonment rage
When score are subtracted from the mean & then divided by the SD, the result is:
Memory deficits in elderly are most associtaed with:
shrinkage of the hippocampus
Most likley to trigger an alcohol relpase?
Negative emotions
Biofeddback is most effective for?
Tension headaches
Which reinforcement schedule has the lowest resistance to extinction?
Fixed interval
It is difficult to diagnose ADHD prior to age 4-5, becuase:
normative developmental variation
Anomic aphasia
inability to name objects
Acc. to psychoanalytic theory, phobias...
involve transferring one's feelings from one object to another
In terms of attitude change, people are least influenced by:
Knowledge of the facts
Alloplastic vs. autoplastic interventions:
Alloplastic = altering env. conditions
Autoplastic = changing the individual
Lifetime prevalance of Bipolar I:
Cortisol is a steroid secreted by the:
adrenal cortex
Rescorla-Wagner theory predicts:
In classical conditioning, the more surprising the coneection between the CS & US is, the more conditioning
Kaufman's ABC reflects ______ theory of intelligence?
Luria's (sequential & simultaneous processing)
In developing a job performance measure, the "ultimate criterion" is:
A construct that cannot actually be measured
Helm's interaction model of counseling notes 4 types of relationships based on attitudes about whites and blacks:
Parallel = they share similar attitudes
Crossed = oppossing attitudes (bad)
Progressive = Counselor is a stage or more advanced than client
Regressive = Client is a stage or more advanced
Memory impairment in Korsakoff, are due to damage to the:
Mammillary bodies
Nicotine may enhance memory & alertness by mimicking______?
Woodcock-Johnson is based on:
Cattel-Horn-Carrol approach to cognitive abilities
___________ proposed that orginizational culture acts as a defense maechanism agaisnt anxiety:
Edgar Schein
Herbert Simon is known for:
Bounded rationality & artificial intelligence
Sampling error is due to:
randon factors that prduce a nonrepresentative sample
Postpartum blues rates:
50-80% (10-15% - PP depression)
Sue found which ethnic group to have bext & worst therapy outcomes?
Petit mal seizures begin in the:
At-risk kids for antisocial behavior, are best protected when they have:
Good relationship with caretaker, social resposivity, & higher IQ's
Leadership styles in Hersey & Blanchard' model:
Telling = low ability & willingness
Selling =low ability, high willing
Participatory = high ability & low willing
Delegating = high ability & wiling
Sources of self-efficacy beleifes acc. to Bandura:
past accomplishments, observations of others, verbal persuasion, & logical verification
Best predictor of "contextual performance" (extrattask behaiors, i.e.prosocial activities) in orinizations:
Personality measures
Patient with Broca, is also likely to manifest:
Intense anxiety & depression (Wernickes = indifference & paranoia)
Perry (1986) found that aggressive children....
beleive that aggression will reduce aversive tx by others
Lowest score on WISC by deaf child:
Verbal = Digit span
Performance = Pic Arrangement
Tricyclic drugs block the effectsof:
AcH in the parasympathetic system
Amato & Keith found that divorce exerted most negatove effect on:
Fatherchild relationship, followd by conduct
We use stepwise multiple regression when we want to:
identify the fewest number of predictors needed to account for criterion variabiity
Communality refers to;
prpoportion of variance accounted for by multiple factors in a single variable
Primary goal of Helm's in developing her racial identity model:
diagnose and resolve race-related tensions in the counseling relationship
Patient with Alzheimer's scores lowest on which 2 WAIS-III factor indexes?
Processing speed & perceptual orginization
Acc. to ___________ theory, a person's behavior is motivated (pulled) by the goals he wants to achieve:
Situations where DSM allows for NOS diagnosis:
1)Clients symptoms don't meet criteria
2)Symtoms meet criteria for a diagnosis included "Axes for further study"
3)Uncertantity regarding the etiology (medical, substance related)
4) Symtoms seem to fit, but time didn't permit complete data gathering
Acc. to Piaget, what underlies cognitive development:
Biological maturation & environmental stimulation
Acc. to the central limit theorem:
As sample size increases, the shape of a sampling distribution of means becomes more normal
Connection between psych factors & cancer:
Role in cure, but not onset
Anosognosia involves:
failure to recognize one's own neurological symptoms (such as paralysis)
Diagnosis of Antisocial Personality requires:
pervasive pattern of disrefgard for rights of others since age 15, hx of conduct disorder symptoms before 15, & current age of 18 or older
Troiden's homosexual identity stages:
sensitization, confusion, assumption, integration
Male Erectile Disorder requires:
inability to maintain or attain an erection until completion of sexual activity
Research on applying goal-setting to groups notes that:
Performance feedback plus group goals is MORE effective than either alone
Children with ADHD score lowest on:
Symbol search, coding, Arithmetic, Digit Span (SCAD)
Larger groups lead to more social loafing, possibly due to:
decreased self-attention
Prosopagnosia is due to damage to the:
bilateral occipitotemporal area