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3 muscles of post abdominal wall
quadratus lumborum, psoas major, iliacus muscle. iliopsoas: psoas major and iliacus.
quadratus lumborus
at: 12th rib and all lumbar transverse porcesses to iliac crest. A: flex spine laterally. N: APR T12, L1-3
at: iliac fossa to lesser trochanter. A: flex and rotate thigh medial. N: femoral nerve and APR L2-4
At: all lumbar vert to lesser trochanter. A: flex and rotate thigh medially. N: femoral n. APR L2-4
AT: internal xiphoid process, inner costal cart, lumbar ver L1-3 adn rib 12 to central tendon. A: increase vol of thoracic cavity. N: Phrenic C3,4,5
Hilus contains what
renal artery, renal vein, ureters
function of kidneys
filtrate blood, eiim wastes, water balance, sodium balance acid/base. Note big blood supply
detrusor muscles is what type of muscle
smooth muscle
urethra is what type of epithelium
transitional epi
suprarenal glands characteristics and func.
presym go striaght to cells of medulla and synapse on them. wall inneravation by post sym fibers from celiac gang.
what level does aorta branch into common iliac
tributaries branches going into IVC
common iliacs, lumbars, renals, suprarenals, gonadals, hepatics
lumbar plexus characteristics and func
somatic innervation for sensory and motor of body wall andn limbs. APR L1-4. Femoral N: L2-4 lateral to psoas m.