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Having great skill or experience in a particular field or activity. One who has an assured competance in a particular field or occupation
Name 3 Steps of Communications
Face to Face Communications is interpreted by:
60% Non verbal
30% Voice inflection
10% Words
Priorities should always be __________ over _________.
Life over Property
Name the chain of command for Communications
PSRD, Sr. PSRD, Supervisor, Communications Manager, Captain, Deputy Chief
Six "C's" of Dispatching
Comprehend, Communicate, Common Sense, Coordinate, Cooperate, Control
Define "PRIMACY"
The facts we hear first will influence our interpretation of future facts.
Define "RECENCY"
The facts we hear last, we remember first.
Name 3 components of Criminal Justice System
1. Law Enforcement
2. Judicial
3. Corrections
List 5 positions belonging to Law Enforcement
1. Protect property & life
2. Prevent crime
3. Maintain order
4. Arrest violators
5. Assure victims rights
List 4 positions belonging to Judicial
1. Provide due process
2. Render fair judgment
3. Hand out just punishment
4. Assure victims rights
7 major goals of Criminal Justice System
1. Guaranteeing due process
2. Preventing crime
3. Protecting Life & property
4. Upholding & enforcing the law
5. Dispensing equal justice
6. Apprehending offenders
7. Assuring victims rights
List 5 positions belonging to Corrections
1. Rehabilitation
2. Confinement
3. Supervision of parolees
4. Supervision of probationers
5. Assure victim rights
Name primary function of CHP
Provide safety to motorists on California highways
Name 3 primary functions of the DMV
1. Registration of motor vehicles
2. Testing & licensing of drivers
3. Administration of financial responsibility laws
DMV Investigators investigate:
1. Fraudulent documents
2. Unlawful ownership transfer
3. Altered plates
4. Forged or counterfeit registration or DL's
5. Licensing of auto dealers and dismantlers
6. Applicants for car salesman
DOJ is made up of what 3 components
1. Attorney Generals Office
2. Bureau of Criminal Identifications (CII)
5 Responsibilities of Bureau of Criminal Identifications (CII)
1. State repository for fingerprints
2. Assigns ID# to every person arrested in the state
3. Provides lab and criminalistic aid for small depts.
4. Provides investigative assistance when requested.
5. Investigates narcotic violations
Primary function of the FBI
They are the primary investigative agency of the federal government (not a policing agency).
4 responsibilities of Superior Courts
1. Try all felonies
2. Exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile delinquency & child neglect cases
3. Hear appeals from justice and municipal courts
4. Has unlimited trial jurisdiction over all cases except those assigned by statute to municipal or justice courts.
4 responsibilities of Trial Courts
1. Have original jurisdiction over misdemeanors & infractions
2. Conduct arraignments & preliminary hearings in felony cases
3. Serve a judicial area of less than 40,000 people
4. Judges are elected and vacancies filled by appointment
4 tasks performed at arraignment
1. Informs defendant of charges against them.
2. Ascertains whether defendants are person wanted.
3. Advises defendants of their legal rights.
4. Asks a defendants plea (guilty pleas can be entered at any time)
Primary role of parole and probation
To protect the community from the future criminal acts of people who have been convicted of a crime.
Who imposes conditions of parole?
Dept of Corrections or the Community Release Board
Public Safety Answering Point
Automated Location Information
Automated Number Information
Emergency Service Number
Master Street Address Guide
Translation Service
Network Omni
AT&T Language Lab
Suspect Description
Race, sex, age, height, weight, DOB, hair color, length & style, facial hair, scars, marks, tats, teeth, hat, jacket, shirt, pants, skirt, shoes
5 1/2 "W's" of Dispatching
1. Where is it happening
2. What is happening
3. When did it happen
4. Weapons
5. Who is involved
6. Why - if possible
Acronym for vehicle descriptions
Body style
State, if other than CA
Questions to ask when a person reports they received a bomb threat.
1. Who is contact person/supv at the scene
2. Are they familiar with bldg and contents
3. What are the contents of the bldg
4. Are they evacuating
5. Where will they meet the officers and bomb squad
Types of info to listen for when we receive a bomb threat
Caller's voice - is it disguised or slurred, are they laughing.
Back ground noises - cars, music, planes
Questions to ask when we receive a bomb threat
1. Where has the bomb been placed
2. What does it look like
3. What kind is it
4. What will cause it to explode
5. When is it due to detonate
6. How may it have been booby trapped
7. Who or what group is involved
5 types of Callers
1. Excited
2. Hysterical
3. Angry
4. Confused
5. Misinformed
ALSO - frightened, obscene, anon, elderly, ill, injured or children
Communications is with what Bureau
BTS - Bureau of Technical Services
Highest Ranking person in BTS
Deputy Chief
Donald K. Anders
Communications Control Room is what type of environment
Sound Controlled
If you arrive late to work 3 times in one year, you will receive what type of discipline
DOC - Documented Oral Counseling
How much notice must you give to call in sick
2 hours
A doctor's note is required after how many sick days
3 consecutive days
When your sick leave is exhausted, you can use what in replace of it
personal leave or lost time
What two pieces of information must you provide when asked during work hours
Name and badge #
News and media requests shall be referred to what person.
PIO - Public Information Officer
City Policy for discipline
To be corrective, not punitive, when possible
Six types of discipline
1. Training/Counseling
2. DOC
3. LOR
4. Suspension
5. Demotion
6. Termination
Three basic rules to minimize liability
1. Don't promise what can't or won't be delivered
2. Always verify the location with the RP
3. Use care to avoid increasing the risk to the RP
What is negligence
The omission to do something that a reasonable person would do or doing of something that a reasonable or prudent person would not do.
Five steps to reduce exposure to liability
1. Adequate training
2. Written policies and procedures
3. Audit and control measures
4. Liability Task Force
5. Responsiveness to Community
"SKELLY" hearing
Evidenciary type hearing that employees have a right to after receiving written notice of discipline.
Primary goal of discipline
To change unacceptable performance and behavior
Forms of informal discipline
1. Training
2. Informal counseling
3. DOC
4. LOR
Forms of formal discipline
1. Salary step reduction
2. Demotion
3. Suspension
4. Termination
Effective discipline is ________________________
Fair, consistent and timely
Developing performance standards & hiring qualified applicants helps avoid _____________.
Call sign for the radio
Call sign for Mutual Aid
FCC authorized transmissions:
1. Safety of life
2. Protection of property
3. Official Police/City business
Four basic principles of radio communications
1. Accuracy
2. Brevity
3. Courtesy
4. Clarity
"10-4" must always be followed with ____________
Full unit ID
Dispatch time limits:
Priority 1 - 3 minutes
Priority 2 - 5 minutes
Priority 3 - 15 minutes
Priority 4 - 60 minutes
Three events that require field supervisor notification:
1. Shootings
2. Stabbings
3. Kidnappings
Define Code 33
Limited radio traffic pertaining to the incident. All other traffic shall be diverted to another channel
Define Code 22
Restricted radio traffic is traffic defined as radio traffic reduced to ESSENTIAL TRANSMISSIONS
Six types of information needed for pursuit
1. Location
2. DOT
3. Veh desc/plt
4. Wants
5. Speeds
6. Traffic conditions
Two places Code 99 button can be activated
1. Hand pack
2. In vehicle
Two types of perimeters
1. Inner - 1st units on scene (MERGE)
2. Outer - patrol units to keep the public out
Ways Dispatcher voice can affect officers
Tone and speed
Two levels of response SJPD recognizes
Code 1 and Code 3
Risks to officers in domestic violence
1. Injured by parties or weps
2. Situation highly emotional or volatile
3. Victim may turn on officer if batterer is taken into custody
4. Other family members may intervene
Seven signs of a Batterer
1. Jealousy
2. Cannot control their anger
3. Unpredictable behavior
4. Always asks for second chance
5. Always resolves problems with violence
6. Always plays off victims guilt
7. Claims they will change and not do it again
What are officers required to do at the scene of a domestic violence incident
1. Offer an EPRO
2. Ask if Medical attention is needed
3. Offer info on Assistance programs
4. Take a report
Criteria for a 273.5
1. Spouse
2. Ex spouse
3. Cohabitant
4. Common child
5. Corporal injury resulting in traumatic condition
Two conditions for Sexual Harassment
1. Sexual in nature
2. Unwanted
Action to take for Sexual Harassment
Confront harasser and ask them to stop, if it continues tell your supv. Consult w/Affirmative Action Liason. If supv is problem, go to Affirm Action and ask for an investigation, file a complaint with EEOC, file private law suit or common law tort law suit
Sexual Harassment complaint process
Informal - intended to stop activity w/o punishment, education is primary goal. Stays in file for 1 year, then removed if no more incidents, requires both parties to be confidential
Formal - investigated by Internal Affairs and formal discipline, if sustained
Sexual Harassment that is most common in the work place
Hostile Work Environment
Two types of Sexual Harassment
1. Quid Pro Quo - unwelcome sexual advances or requests in return for job considerations, like raises or promotions.
2. Hostile Work Environment - unwanted verbal and non verbal behavior that focuses on the sexuality of another person
Legal/EEOC definition of Sexual Harassment
Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature
Four categories of Sexual Harassment and examples:
1. Physical - rape, assault, intercourse, pinching, patting, rubbing, grabbing
2. Verbal - making sexual demands, propositions, innuendos, jokes, catcalls or whistles
3. Visual - sexually explicit posters, graphics, lears, gawking
4. Written - notes or letters of sexual content, sexually explicit literature, posters or poems displayed
Behavior that can be interpreted as Sexual Harassment
1. Sexual jokes
2. Sexual gestures
3. Repeatedly asking a person out
4. Touch, hug people
5. Sexually suggestive visuals
6. Sexual comments about a person's clothing, anatomy or looks
Define Hate Crimes
An assault, or a threat of an assault, or the destruction of property due to specific bias on the part of the suspect towards the victim
Five coping strategies
1. Relaxation techniques
2. Slow breathing
3. Clear your mind
4. Exercise
5. Prayer or Biofeedback
Three ways stress affects us
1. Personal
2. Professional
3. Organizational
Stress Indicators
1. Physical - cold feet, back ache, chest pains
2. Psychological/Emotional - crying, depression, memory loss
3. Behavioral - grinding teeth, drinking, diminished work performance
Three Stages of Stress
1. Alarm
2. Resistance
3. Exhaustion
Two kinds of Stress
1. Short term - good stress
2. Long term - bad stress
Define Stress
Results from demands and the perceived capability of the individuals to meet the demand. Constraining force or influence, physical or mental that tends to alter an existent balance.
What is personal Cultural Diversity Appreciation?
Individual commitment to give emphasis of similarities of our diverse community as one values or appreciates the differences.
Define Cultural Diversity
Differences in culture
Identify five characteristics of culture:
Food, language, literary works, dress/clothing, customs, values, beliefs/folk lore, religion, housing styles, heroes
Identify benefits of cultural diversity appreciation within law enforcement organization and community:
1. Reduces conflicts
2. Promotes mutual respect
3. Promotes understanding
What are the four barriers to cultural diversity appreciation
1. Racism
2. Tradition and resistance
3. Lack of commitment for all to work towards teaching and promoting cultural diversity for all.
4. Lack of common understanding of what cultural diversity appreciation is
What are two most common indicators of abuse on non-accidental injuries
1. Injury to soft tissue areas
2. Multiple injuries/bruising
What is the term to describe caretaker who fabricates illnesses
Munchausen's syndrome by proxy
The type of punishment that is legal in California
Corporal punishment - punishment inflicted on the body
Two sub types of African American gangs
Crips and Bloods
Database that SJPD uses to track gang members
Four predominant gangs in San Jose
1. Varrio Horseshoe
2. West Side Mob
3. East Side Clanton
4. Varrio Sureno Town
Definition of a gang per Penal Code 186.22
1. 3 or more members
2. Common name, sign or symbol
3. Members engage in pattern of street crimes
4. Crimes: 245, 211, 187, 246
Two numbers associated with gangs
1. 13 - Surenos - Blue
2. 14 - Nortenos - Red
Indicators of gang membership
1. Admits membership to any officer
2. Has gang tattoos
3. Wears gang clothing
4. Frequents gang areas
5. Affiliates with other gang members
6. Uses gang signs
7. Commits gang crimes alone or w/gang members
8. Connected to gang membership via specific evidence.. writings, drawings
Describe Physical Abuse
Direct physical harm, including shoving, pushing, hitting, shaking, hair pulling. Lack of medical care or over medication, sexual exploitation, physical or chemical constraint.
Definition of Elder
65 years or older
Definition of dependent Adult
18-64 years old with physical or mental impairment
Agencies responsible for investigation of elder abuse
Adult Protective Services
Indicators of abuse
Neglected bedsores, untreated injuries, skin disorders and rashes, poor hygiene, torn, unwashed clothing, unsafe housing, helplessness, detachment, confinement, depression, agitation, confusion, anger
What unit is responsible for tracking elder abuse
Domestic Violence
Define "Corpus Delecti"
The body/or elements of the crime.
Define "Reasonable Suspicion"
Articulable set of facts based on the law that a crime has or is occurring or is about to occur and the person detained is connected with the crime.
Name 7 conditions that influence the nature and level of response to a missing person call:
1. Age
2. Access to vehicles
3. Knowledge of the area
4. Foul play or suscir
5. Mental/Emotional condition
6. Medical/Physical condition
7. Weather and climate
You can transfer a call to fire only after what..
The scene is secure
Suspect Description
L/N, F/N
race, sex, age/DOB
Hair color/Eye color
Hair description, facial hair
Scars, marks, tattoos
Clothing, outside to in, top to bottom
What is necessary for SEND protocol
Conscious and Breathing
Chief complaint
If fire is busy on a transfer, what do you need to do and info to get:
Create event
Chief Complaint
If a caller asks for fire or medical first, what do you do?
Transfer to fire immediately.
Stay on the line until it is determined that the police are not needed.
Name 6 lines for primary calls:
7 digit emergency
Airport Red alarms
Alarm companies
CHP transfers
311 overflow
Name 4 lines for secondary calls
7 digit non emergency
Airport non emergency phones
PAB lobby
911 overflow
What are the Fire type codes
What is the role of the dispatcher in officer safety.
We are the right hand of the officer.
Be proactive and always take extra steps.
Create calls accurately.
Four mistakes radio dispatchers make:
Misspelled names
Wrong Unit
Wrong location
Loss of control
Incorrect unit location
Verify what 2 pieces of info for every call:
1. Location
2. Phone #
You receive a call from a woman reporting domestic violence, suddenly a man gets on the phone and says she hit him. What do you do.
Create a call and send an officer out.
Find out if there is any evidence of DV
Victim cannot cancel the call once you know physical harm was done.
The agency that receives a missing person report must follow these 7 steps:
1. Receive all calls for MP without delay
2. Put out local broadcast without delay
3. Make DOJ and NCIC entries within time limits
4. Give priority to all MP calls and runaways.
5. Cross reporting to jurisdiction where MP resides and was last seen.
6. If MP is found, notify the RP and the other agency
7. DOJ release forms provided by patrol or investigator.
Most important question dispatcher needs to know with weapons involved:
What kind of weapon is it.
Dispatcher controls radio channel during felony car stops.
True or False
What tasks are dispatchers assigned that relate to officer safety
1. Creating calls for service
2. Dispatching calls for service
3. Receiving call from officers
4. Providing info to officers
3 benefits to providing quality customer service
1. Positive image instills trust, fewer complaints,
2. If people feel they are being treated well, it makes them call back
3. that generates tax revenue
Three things SJPD and communications has done to enhance quality customer service
Community policing
Crime Prevention
911 for kids
Adopt a school
Impressions a customer forms about you and your organization
attractive, clean, courteous, credible, confident, empathetic, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, professional, responsive
Three ways we communicate
content - what we say
voice - how we say it
visual - body language.. used the most
Two elements of communication where 85-90% of all personnel complaints are generated
Tone and attitude related
"We are not hired to have bad days"
Our job is based on being able to help people in need. We need to not let our personal agenda get in the way of performing our job. We are critical link that may mean life or death. We need to always be ready to work regardless of personal problems
Four "C"'s of credibility
8 techniques to winning over rude callers
1. give the caller your attention
2. don't take it personally
3. acknowledge their emotions
4. don't lose professional face
5. take immediate action
6. offer choices
7. offer to help
8. ask permission to put them on hold, follow through and be patient and personal
3 types of influences that your callers can be under
drugs, alcohol, anger, rage, fear, anxiety, frustration, tiredness
How can you increase your listening skills and focus on the caller
1. Repeat their words in your head
2. Listen for the unspoken message
3. Cue yourself to listen when your mind starts to wander
4. Ask dumb questions to make sure you truly understand
4 rules to verbal judo
1. Don't take anything personal
2. Don't lose your professional face
3. Remember we don't deal with people that are calm
4. Say what you want, but do what I say.
What to do when placing someone on hold
Ask permission to put them on hold, explain why you are putting them on hold, listen to their emotions and assure them, tell them you will be back in 30 seconds. If you have to transfer, ensure the connection or give them the # in case you are disconnected
What information is included when ALI comes up
Name, street address, city, area code, house number
When back up negotiator relieves the primary negotiator, this is called what..
What is the rule of "ATE"
Hostage Negotiation Team
1. Team Leader- Sr or Sgt - delegates
2. Primary - in on phone with hostage taker
3. Back Up - is also on phone, is the note taker and relays updates
4. Background/Intelligence - obtains criminal and family history on hostage taker
5. Liaison - coordinates communications btwn hostage neg command post and incident command post
As a negotiator, 6 things to avoid:
1. do not say no
2. don't promise what you can't deliver
3. never tell a lie you could get caught in
4. no drugs or alcohol to susp
5. don't be funny
6. avoid trigger words such as kill, killed, shot, shoot and racial slurs
When do negotiations with susp begin
When MERGE is in place and the inner perimeter is secure
Primary negotiator should be a ________ __________ and avoid ________ responses twds susp.
good listener
4 things a negotiator should NEVER do
1. give guns to susp
2. trade hostage for hostage
3. Open doors or give up containment
4. repeat any dangerous or threatening phrases made by hostage taker
6 aspects of a critical incident
1. they are always sudden and unexpected
2. are taxing on emotions of all participants
3. conditions are subj to change and at times very hard
4. there is a feeling of loss of control
5. requires involved parties to think 1-2 steps ahead
6. allows everyone to contribute to a solution
7 basics of all critical incidents
1. initial call
2. verify and locate
3. isolate
4. evacuate
5. negotiate
6. resolve
7. debrief
Three types of intent:
1. Specific
2. Transferred
3. General
4 types of hostage/barricade suspects
1. Domestic dispute
2. Criminal
3. Psychotic/Suicidal
4. Terrorist
Who can activate the EOC
City official, city manager, COP, WC, Command Staff, Battalion Chief, Director of OES, Director of Public Works
If a disaster strikes while you are in the control room you should first..
check yourself, then your neighbor, then inventory
Where is communications alternate PSAP located
Fire Station 29
Where are the size-up kits located
in the computer room in comm center
What are the size up teams responsible for?
Sizing up the bldg and checking for victims
Where would you locate keys that access all doors?
go to systems in fire to get the grand master key
Give 5 examples of when the EOC might be activated
1. earthquake
2. flood
3. pandemic
4. civil disturbance
5. hazmat response
In the event of a PAC evacuation, where is the assembly point?
parking lot C across the street on San Pedro
Where is the alternate EOC?
MERGE K-9 bldg