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Plaudits (n)
Commendable (usually has something to do with audience)
Credence (n)
Belieft or acceptance; TRUSTWORTHINESS, reliabillity
Covet (v)
(Covetous, Covetousness)
to wish or crave for, to desire greedily
Attest (V)
(Attestation [attest is usually followed by TO])
to bear witness or certify; to demonstrate or declare as true (have to be able to witness it)
Assent (v)
(asenter, assentingly)
to consent to, to give permission to
Concord (n)
(Concordant, discord)
agreement or HARMONY; friendly or peaceful relations
Consistent (Adj)
(concordant, discord)
compatible or in agreement; *keeping to the same principles or actions* (usually have the word principals in the sentence)
Solidarity (n)
cooperation and loyalty based on unity of interests and beliefs
Fidelity (n)
loyalty or devotion to duty
Liaison (n)
a close bond or connection
Palaver (n)
a confence, discussion, or conversation (can imply chatter or flattering persuasion)
Accost (v)
to approach and speak to (to confront in a challenging way)