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Routine for c-spine
*AP Open mouth
*AP Axial
*2 Obliques
Must be lying down
AP Open mouth
Center for AP Open mouth
IR at the level of the axis
On AP Open mouth, ____ plane is perpendicular to table
On AP Open mouth, ____ plane in the head should be perpendicular
occlusal (a line from the lower dege of the upper incisors to the tip of the mastoid process)
On AP Open mouth what should be shown?
*dens, atlas, axis, and articulations between C1-C2
*perpendicular occlusal plane
film size for all cervicals
On AP Axial c-spine, why do you extend the chin?
*occlusal plane is perpendicular
*prevents superimposition of the mandible and midcervical vertebrae
center for the AP Axial c-spine
level of C4
How and where does the CR enter for the AP Axial c-spine?
*through C4 at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees caphalad
*slightly inferior to the most prominent point of the thyroid cartilage
What should be shown on an AP Axial c-spine?
*area from C3 to T2
*shadows of the mandible and occiput superimposed over the atlas and most of the axis
Another name for the lateral projeciton of the c-spine.
Grandy Method
Distances for c-spines.
72-obliques, lateral
40-axial, open mouth
height/position of IR on lateral c-spine
*centered at level of C4
*top of IR will be about 1 inch above the EAM
On a lateral c-spine,____ plane is centered to midline of the IR
Why should you elevate the chin on a lateral c-spine?
to prevent superimposition of the mandibular rami and the spine
respiration for lateral c-spine
suspend at the end of full expiration to obtain max depression of the shoulders
central ray for lateral c-spine
horizontal and perpendicular to C4
What should be shown on a lateral c-spine?
*all 7 c-vertebrae and at least 1/3 of T1
*neck extended to remove mandibular rami
*superimposed rami of the mandible
Projection used for demonstrating the cervical intervertebral foramina.
AP Axial Obliques
Why is 72 SID used on c-spine obliques?
because of the increased OID
IR position on c-spine obliques
*centered to C3
*superior to the most prominent point of the thyroid cartilage
degree of body rotation on c-spine obliques
45 deg
Position of pt's chin on an oblique c-spine and why.
*pt looking straight ahead, protrude chin so the mandible does not overlap the spine
On an oblique c-spine, postion of CR ACCORDING TO MERRILL'S
*directed to C4
*angled 15-20 deg so CR coincides with angle of foramina
Structures shown on oblique c-spine
intervertebral foramina and pedicles FARTHEST from the IR
Eval criteria for c-spine obliques
* open intervertebral foramina FARTHEST from the IR, from C2-C3 to C7-T1
*elevated chin that does not overlap the atlas and axis