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For an AP pelvis, _____ rotate the feet and lower limbs about ____ to place the femoral necks ____ with the IR.
medially, 15-20 deg, parallel
For an AP pelvis, center the IR between the ____.
ASIS and the pubic symphysis
For an AP pelvis, the CR should be 2 in _____ to the ASIS and 2 in _____ to the pubic symphysis.
inferior, superior
If the pelvis is deep, palpate the ____ and adjust the IR so that its upper border is ____.
iliac crest, 1-1/2 inches above the crest
What should be shown on an AP pelvis?
*enitre pelvis with proximal femora
*femoral necks without superimposition
Routine for a hip.
Position of part for an AP hip
medially rotate lower limb and foot 15-20 deg to place femoral neck parallel with the plane of the IR.
For an AP hip, the CR should be
perpendicular to the femoral neck.
Another name for an axiolateral projection.
Danelius-Miller method
Why do you use a grid?
It is a large part not in the bucky.
On an axiolateral hip, what do you do with a thin pt?
elevate the pelvis to center greater trochanter to midline of IR
Rotate the foot and lower limb of ____ side to achieve anatomic position.
15-20 deg
What if a pt has an unhealed fracture?
All procedures on these pts are performed by a physician.
On an axiolateral hip, if you see _____, it means that the _____ and the image must be repeated.
lesser trochanter, feet are inverted
Position of IR for an axiolateral hip
*upper border in the crease above the iliac crest
*parallel with long axis of femoral neck
Position of CR for an axiolateral hip
*perpendicular to long axis of femoral neck
*enters the midthigh and passes through nek about 2 1/2 in below point of intersection
What should be shown on a axiolateral projection?
femoral neck without overlap from the greater trochanter
Another name for the AP oblique projection of the femoral necks.
Modified Cleaves Method
a.k.a. bilateral and unilateral 'frog leg'
CR for AP Oblique(frog leg)
perpendicular to enter pts midsgittal plane at the level of 1 inch superior to the pubic symphysis
On a bilateral frog leg, the legs should be at a ___ angel
On a bilateral frog leg, ___ the thighs about ___ deg from the ___ plane to place the long axis of femoral necks ___ with the plane of the IR.
aduct, 45, vertical plane, parallel
For a unilateral frog leg, have pt. flex the ___ and ____ the thigh ____ approximately ___.
affected side, aduct, laterally, 45 deg