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Routine for calcaneus
For calcaneus, position of part if unable to dorsiflex properly
elevate the leg on sandbags
Angle for axial calcaneus projection.
40 deg
CR for axial calcaneus
base of the third metatarsal
Structures shown for axial calcaneus
calcaneus and subtalar joint
Position of pt for lateral calcaneus
roll over on affected side
CR for lateral calcaneus
perpendicular to calcaneus
1" distal to the medial malleolus (at the subtalar joint)
Routine for a knee
*AP Oblique(lateral rot)
*AP Oblique(medial rot)
CR for an AP knee
1/2" below the patellar apex
On an AP knee, what should be parallel with the IR?
femoral epicondyles
Position of pt for lateral knee.
Roll over to affected side.
Degree of flexion for a lateral knee.
20 to 30 deg
To prevent injury, pt should not flex knee more than ___.
10 deg
Structures shown on lateral knee.
*femoral condyles superimposed
*open joint space b/t femoral condyles and tibia
*open patellofemoral joint space
Structures shown for lateral rotation AP oblique.
fibula superimposed over the lateral half of the tibia
Routine for a femur
For AP projection of the distal femur, rotate the limb _____ for a true anatomic position.
On an AP for femur the ____ should be parallel with the IR.
The bottom of the IR should extend _____ below the _____.
2 inches, knee joint
Position of part for a lateral distal femur.
*pt's uppermost limb forward
*pelvis in true lateral
For a lateral femur, flex the knee ___ and place epicondyles ___.
45 deg, perpendicular
On a lateral of the distal femur, ____ and ____ should be included.
*superimposed anterior surface of the femoral condyles
*open patellofemoral space