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The purpose of sampling is to:
select a set of people who have hesame characteristics as the group from which they are taken.
The failure of several political polls to predict election victories accurately prior to 1950 was due primarily to:
failure to use probability designs.
Professor Mallory determines the distribution of students on five variable in her target population. She then selects student who fill the pre-established proportions of people in each combination of variables. Which strategy did she use?
Professpor Hilgard wanted to study drug users and began his study by contacting a few drug users that a friend of his knew. He then asked each of these people for the names of other drug users that might be interested in being a part of his study. Which samplign strategy did he use?
The key feature of probability sampling is that:
everyone has an equal change of being selected.
Professor Rosenberg takes a random sample of students from five Michigan universities and colleges. He then phrases his report in terms of "all Michigan university students." To what group of elements is he generalizing?
Professor Dorfman did a study on class level and datinga t Alex University. He used teh student directory and selected every 15th student. H then mailed questionnaires to them with two follow-ups. He contactedthe registrar's office to find out how many students were not listed in the directory. Which one of the following is the sampling frame?
the student directory.
Inadequate sampling frames yield problems in establishing:
The principle of sampling distribution suggests that:
many samples of the same population will yield statistics that will fall around the population walue in a known way.
Which one of the following distributions of whites and nonwhites in a sample would reflect the most sampling error?
Professor Gherkey calculated a sampling rror of 2 in her study on the proportion of students who voted in the last election. She found that 45% voted. What is the 95% confidence interval?
Professor andrea did a strudy on the religious behaviors in one Reformed church. She numbered the members and programmed the computer to generate a set of random numbers and print out address labels. Which type of sampling did she use?
Simple random.
PRofessor Connolly plans to select a systematic sampele of 500 students from a list of 2,000. The sampling ratio would be:
Professor Simpson wishes to take a sample of university strudents at one university. His main objectrive is to make sure that the sample is very representative of the larger population in terms of class level and GPA. Which sampling desin would be best?
Consideration of sampling units is partcularly relevant for which type of sampling?
Professor Goren is interested in doing a study comparing male and female members of the NOW. Because few mn belong, he takes three-fourth of the men but only 1/13th of the women, selecting each segment randomly. Which one of the following best describes the principle he used?