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The major reason for using composite measures is that:
they yield more comprehensive measures with a wider range of scores.
Which of the following is not a composite measure? Or are they all composite measures?
One indicator.
The key difference between scales and indexes is that scales:
take into account different strengths of the indicators.
Professor Leidnart has developed several items to measure self-concept and checks with a few experts to makes sure that his items logically represent self-concept. Which criterion of item selection is he using?
Face validity.
In performing bivariate analyses of items, which is the most desirable outcome?
All should be strongly correlated.
The two basic decisions to be made in index soring are:
range of scores and weighting of items.
Proessor Bigelow examines the extetn to whih each item in her fatalism index correlates iwth the index. Which strategy for index validation is she using?
Item analysis.
Professor Strike wishes to develop a composite measure of adjustment to retirement such that an ordinal scale can be calculated based on items with the same or simlar ranges of intensity. Which of the following would be best?
Likert Scale.
Professor Hernandez wishes to develop a composite measure of teaching effectiveness by using deveral dimensions, each with several possible answerts between two extremes. The polar extremes are to be labeled. Which of the following would be best?
semantic differential.
Professor Brown wishes to construct a composite measure of job satisfaction but is particularly concerned that the items selected reflect equal intevals. He does this by having experts rate each of the items ad then he selects 11 items to represent the range of scores. Which of the following did he use?
Thurstone scale.